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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Bike rallies a thing of the past ?

Bike rallies a thing of the past ? - Forums [Biker Match] Bike rallies a thing of the past ? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Bike rallies a thing of the past ?

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I'm no longer attending any mag rallies due to the influx of walk ins drive ins and none bikers in biker fancy dress...

Looking to rally but having trouble finding proper old school rallies...

Any pointers ?

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pip999 @ 23/01/2020 20:19  

I fully agree with you MAG have lost the plot along with plenty of others Rock and bike at squires is as bad. They are only interested in numbers and don't give a toss as to who they open the gate to last years the bike only field was about 60% down on last years numbers so there is a lot who feel the same. FWE is not to bad yes a few cars with disabled or gravel rash bikers but 90% bikes

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JP @ 24/01/2020 03:21  

Know what you mean about none bikers, it's something I picked up on years ago but I'm only there for the music and as for cars we allow them at our camping events so maybe we're as bad as mag

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Bikeabill @ 24/01/2020 04:05  

A camping weekend is not a rally bill but yes we let members go to the kiss rally in cars due to it being a members only rally and a few members are single parents and have to have a car for the kids and are unable to afford both car and bike. I for one would never exclude a member who puts there kids 1st

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JP @ 24/01/2020 05:25  

Last year was my first time back in rallying after a few years away and I was surprised at how many cars and camper vans were going but there were a lot of bikers on crutches or in wheelchairs so that was understandable.
The thought of going to farmyard actually fills me with dread, it's way too big and impersonal, I liked it when it was at cat babbleton farm. I prefer the smaller rallies, I enjoyed back 2 basics and fairly well endowed last year and no doubt go to them again.
I've noticed no-one seems to do silly games on the Saturday anymore, or was I at the wrong rallies?

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Deleted Member @ 24/01/2020 10:20  

It’s the same with race meetings, the camper brigade take up all ‘camp site’ area so people coming to camp cannot get in. It is a different time and different people. And if I remember correctly this was said of my generation back in the 80’s. Time change it is the way it is. I think the rallies are morphing into mini music festivals that happen to have bikes attending.

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Deleted Member @ 24/01/2020 15:14  

John the mag rally's are supposed to be bikers in cars only and no walking in but people get round it, your not trying to say all our members are bikers are you!! and I know we have had members at kiss rally's who are not bikers

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Bikeabill @ 24/01/2020 18:28  

Theres very few cars at MAG rallies, they have to get permission to get in, usually disabled or other issues, have too prove they have a bike licence too. I dont think rally's are a thing of the past, rally games are usually a no no now because of insurance criteria and the amount of people claiming for injury etc.

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peter1200gs @ 24/01/2020 18:57  

Hmm - rallies.

I've done the best part of 300 over the years. There are still small rallies out there, who do not allow cars ( with the exception of Blue Badge holders ) . . .these rallies tend to get advertised by either flyers handed out at rallies, or by word of mouth. Groups like MAG and NABD tend to hold rallies as a means of generating funds - not that this is a bad thing - but it does mean very large crowds . . . and the thieving element in society tend to find such places very tempting - which is one of the reasons I no longer attend rallies that allow "anyone" in. To me, bikers would never steal from bikers. I never had to worry about leaving things in the tent or leaving the keys in the bike. Sadly those days are gone.

As for silly games - most of the folks I know were doing rallies back in the 1970s. We are a little bit on the old side for playing silly buggers these days.

I have no problem with folks attending camping weekends in cars, camper vans, motorhomes etc. These days I too have become one of those who take the bike along on a trailer, but that's because of a serious accident ten years ago. If it's a bike rally, then I take the trike and trailer tent / Dog Kennel.

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GHW @ 24/01/2020 21:24  

I'm sorry if it looked like I was having a go at John, I wasn't I know how much work he has put into organising events for us and we all owe him a big thank you, I was just trying to stand up for mag who do a lot of work for the good of motorcyclist

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Bikeabill @ 25/01/2020 00:34  

no worrys Bill see you soon mate

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JP @ 25/01/2020 04:21  

I still like the idea of rallies but its while since i've been. Last i went was up Yorkshire in winter years back. We went a country pub and used a field it owned as the rally site. Its was a good combo. Although bloody cold. It'd be nice to a few more and stick the tent up and have a look at other members bikes and mods. The best site would be a beside a boozer with a burger lurking nearby evening and morning. Maybe they all have that these days?

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Declan @ 25/01/2020 09:02  

A few old school rallies, late beer, bands, silly games etc happening

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VJ73 @ 25/01/2020 09:28  


I'm no longer attending any mag rallies due to the influx of walk ins drive ins and none bikers in biker fancy dress...

Looking to rally but having trouble finding proper old school rallies...


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VJ73 @ 25/01/2020 10:34  

Hi Rutger & VJ73 we have a couple of camping events this year by the midlands team 1st being south wales camp 12th June. 2nd will be Aug bank holiday in North wales and then we have the Lower lode inn chill out camp in September. You are more than welcome to join us at any or all of the above camps and there are other members putting on events in other areas of the UK all of these are open to all members. take a look at the events page and calendar and just add yourself to any you would like to attend.

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JP @ 25/01/2020 17:36  

Yes, it is rather sad, the number of people who live the 'lifestyle' but dont actually ride bikes...

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Deleted Member @ 26/01/2020 09:01  

What do you class as "lifestyle"?

Do I take it that 'non bikers' are those who don't ride and don't own a motorcycle? Because, if they are, a large percentage of the membership on here shouldnt be on here either!

I've been in and around the bike scene since I was 14 years old, as a pilly. I don't ride, something I wish I had done in my late teens and have regretted ever since.

However, as an adult I have spent my life attending bike events up and down the country (including rallies/rideouts, when pregnant!). My children have been brought up surrounded by bikes and bikers. They were taken to rallies from being 18 months old by car. My son chose not to ride, my daughter does ride and has now been riding for around 8+ yrs. I describe myself as a 'biker'.

Funnily enough most BMers I know do drive a car, with only a few solely riding a bike. They do attend events/rallies and meets on occasions in their cars.

Point to Note:
Surely fundraising through ticket sales and merchandise would be dramatically reduced if rallies went back to pre 1990's where motorcycles only attend?

Things move on and times change. Security has been much improved in the last few years when theft took hold in MAG rallies. You will now see Marshalls walking the camping fields at MAG rallies throughout the night. Something that was never required in the 'good old days' but it is a fact of modern society that is now required.

The Marshalls rarely receive thanks. I for one appreciate their efforts👏🏻👍🏻
May I suggest Pip999 you organise your own rally for motorcycles ONLY and let's see if you can 'cut the mustard' by turning a profit and making a contribution to a charity of your choice?

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Lindsay @ 28/01/2020 20:29  

100% with you Lindsay.

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Ragnar @ 28/01/2020 21:19  

Thank You, Rags👍🏻😊

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Lindsay @ 28/01/2020 21:27  

Hear hear linz

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TheSlasher @ 28/01/2020 21:52  

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