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Hi guys, girls and those inbetween!

I'm trying to do at least one rally per calender month for at least 12 months, I've done 11 so far this year but am struggling to find one in Dec this year and March next year.
Who are the keen rally goers in this group and does anybody know of a rally in December?

Thanks in advance

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Swinny @ 23/10/2019 13:43  

Hi Swinny, this is a good site for listing rallies. I've just had a quick look and although I can't find a rally in December, there is the Unwanted MCC's Christmas Party on the 14th December, with camping. 👍😊

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Karey @ 23/10/2019 15:03  

I know right! I think theres a rat and survival rally in dec somewhere down south just cant remember where I saw it🤣

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Swinny @ 24/10/2019 10:56  

Icy Ale rally in Grantham is in December... Do you know of rallies in November fairly local to Essex?

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LisaElaine @ 26/10/2019 15:59  

Icy Ale is run by the Druids and is 6 -8 th December - its pre book only

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LisaElaine @ 26/10/2019 16:03  

I dont know of any in the Essex area mate.
Icy ale in Grantham thankyou!

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Swinny @ 29/10/2019 15:10  

There is always the Elephant'e never attended but hear rave reviews...

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Deleted Member @ 12/11/2019 04:13  

It's on the last mate, hopefully on an outfit.

I'm at the Pheasant Plucker this weekend and have Druids dec, mayflower MCC's Force 10 in Jan. Dragon & maybe Oddballs in feb...need one for March still

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Swinny @ 13/11/2019 22:12  

I love the idea of a rally every month..the Builth Wells meeting l went to a couple of months back was really very good..

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Deleted Member @ 15/11/2019 20:21  

In theory it's great, getting to be a little nippy now! Next weekend will be a testr

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Swinny @ 29/11/2019 15:37  

How you doing with the rallys Swinny, still managing to find one a month are you

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Bikeabill @ 16/02/2020 11:27  

Check out Cernunnos-MCC dot org. They seem to have a good list of events. March is always difficult... Don't miss The 25th Soggy Moggy in September..!

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TigerH @ 16/02/2020 22:45  

Hi Swinny, March is a difficult one, cernunnos mcc have 3 only listed, have a look. If you haven't sorted April & May yet there's a couple of good ones in oxfordshire. The George to the Dragon by The ridgeway mcc is on 24th -26th April and on May 15th & 16th Is the Dirty Donkey by Wycombe mag That's the one with Burlesque and not to be missed if you enjoy a good laugh.

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FJR RIDER @ 17/02/2020 13:12  

I'm up for George to the Dragon (but I'm staying off the 7% cider this year!). 👍

   Update Reply
TigerH @ 18/02/2020 23:53  

There is Bum in the mud have been twice plan on going this year.

   Update Reply
suzukiandy @ 19/02/2020 13:19  

Hi Tiger H what's wrong with the dirty donkey? We also have 7% cider. Oh and Burlesque!

   Update Reply
FJR RIDER @ 20/02/2020 21:40  

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