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Italy trip

Italy trip - Forums [Biker Match] Italy trip - Forums [Biker Match]
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Italy trip

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Good for you Tony. My advice is don't plan too much, just general direction and maybe the first night accom, then just wing it-l had a ball doing this in 2013. The race meetings you will need to sort tickets for and you need a permit to use main routes in Switzerland which you can get online other than that you should be fine..'excuse me l don't speak ***** do you speak english' learn how to say this in the relevant languages and it helps a lot..Good luck

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Deleted Member @ 25/06/2019 23:11  

i am off to italy at the same time, but going to the guzzi factory at lake como and generally around the lakes for a couple of weeks, so a slightly different route, done it before so i am used to it.

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rocker21 @ 26/06/2019 12:04  

I totally concur with Kawasakitrev......dont over plan....... it guarantees something will go wrong and you are adding pressure to what should be an enjoyable trip. I rode from Hong Kong to UK back in '96. Set off and found places to sleep along the way. Over an eleven month period I only stayed in a pre booked hotel a few times..... even those were booked en-route!
Main thing is to enjoy yourself. Top tip...... make sure you have spare brake and clutch levers...... first thing to break in the event of kissing the tarmac....... even when you lose balance putting the bike on centre stand. Lol!
Good luck!

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Deleted Member @ 29/06/2019 07:24  

Tony, l was in Madrid last month ( not Italy l know) but to my surprise was made aware of a conjestion/emmisions charge applicable to motorcycles. Do a few searches and checkout if this is the case in any cities you may visit while away (The Spanish cops, in my case, were really good about it & l paid the few euro to buy the necessary sticker..) Italian police may not be so don't forget to get the reflective stickers required by french road traffic laws..its an on the spot 35€ fine l believe.. Good luck and if l think of anything else will post it here..

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Deleted Member @ 07/07/2019 22:40  

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