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Riding tips

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Please can anyone help?
I'm working on my cornering confidence and can ride, turn and lean left fairly fast and pretty low with no issues.
I get nervous when it's a right bend.
Lately when I've been taking rights I keep wobbling on the bike with it wanting to flip the other direction (admittedly it needs a wash if honest) but more than dirt/oil I feel I'm doing something wrong, as have no issues with left bends.
Please does anyone know what I might be doin and offer any tips to beat it?

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Deleted Member @ 24/06/2019 18:40  

Just look to where you want to go, bit of weight shift to the right and dip the shoulder and the bike should naturally go right, practise makes perfect.

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yarg @ 24/06/2019 18:52  

Pretty much what Yarg said but keep left as long as you can before rolling into the bend, allows better observation of oncoming traffic and the severity of the bend.

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double six @ 24/06/2019 19:00  

I find if I stay on the left side of the road in a bend, it makes it slightly less tight, I find it easier concentrating on the vehicle in front of me and follow him, riding the bend then just happens naturally

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Lynn1584 @ 24/06/2019 19:08  

Thanks Lynn if honest when I'm following another car or bike then I rarely encounter problems.
It tends to happen when I'm in front and trying to go it alone.
I can't really say what I think I do wrong, sometimes I feel I chop the gas but I kind of get frustrated so try more gas.
I've been reading so much and watch a lot of videos I just really wish to know what I'm.doing wrong and the best steps to correct it?
I went for a lesson the other week but it ended up not being one 2 one.
The other guy was super fresh so got more focus.
The advice I got was to keep focusing and go slow enough to not need the brake and in time I will get quicker and leaner
I'm really lost as it only happens when bending right and never left

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Deleted Member @ 24/06/2019 19:22  

If any help when I go mega slow and not try lean the bike I rarely have an issue.
It has to be technique but I truly don't understand what I'm doing wrong to know whwtebto start to fox it. If it helps I usually gsae up when about unto lean the bike for a turn but on the left I do the same with no issue.
Could that be the reason I'm.losing traction?
When the bike start a to skid I add more gas and so far that had got me out of landing on the floor.
Talking it out is helping? Perhaps I'm dropping gas too much before I try to flip the bike, so having to add more gas not to fall to correct it?

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Deleted Member @ 24/06/2019 19:29  

I make the mistake of looking at the tarmac... Works better if I look were iam going

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Lynn1584 @ 24/06/2019 19:41  

First things first. Check the bike, are chain adjusters equal, if the wheels aren't in line you might corner better left or right.

If all that checks out then its most likely you having a bee in your bonnet about right handers, its surprisingly common.

On a left hander the road camber works with you, on a right hander against you so they will feel slightly different.

A friend had a right hand phobia (o'err missus) . The remedy was to find a large, empty car park and just practice. Starting slow and using the back brake and clutch to balance the drive of the engine. Back to basics as it were.

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Steve_H @ 24/06/2019 20:26  

Practice practice practice , right handers are horrible and it's common , you get one right hander wrong and you then become weary on the next ,if you gas to early you end up in the centre of the road , stay far left and look through the bend,

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zx12r ninja 03 @ 24/06/2019 21:46  

Keep left until you see bend starting to open up, move towards centre of your lane leaning to the right. Get in the right gear before you go into the bend, accelerate out when bend opens up. Pick a local circuit on quiet roads keep practising around this circuit, it will come!

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Largevikng @ 24/06/2019 21:58  

Because you've had a problem it may be that you're getting too tense going into the right hand bend. If your shoulders are coming up, your arms locking and your hands gripping tighter you could be putting too much input into the front end which upsets the natural dynamics of the bike. My advice is to check what Steve_H says and if that's all OK then the bike itself will steer equally well both left and right. Then next time you're out on the bike try to be conscious of what your arms and shoulders are doing and if they're getting tense try to relax them keeping your shoulders down, a slight bend at the elbow and a light grip on the bars. Yarg's tip about dropping the inside shoulder is a good one and that also immediately helps your shoulders to relax. If you are tense you could be inadvertently pulling slightly on the right hand bar which will make the bike try to sit up and could explain your comment in your first post about it wanting to flip the other way. Relaxing those shoulders and arms will help prevent this. Find a good place to practice, take it steady, try out a few of the suggestions offered by the folks above and I'm sure you'll find that your right hand bends will soon catch up to your left hand ones.

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Deleted Member @ 24/06/2019 22:09  

In addition to the helpful advice, checking wheel alignment, chain tension, relaxing shoulders, looking ahead, manoeuvring slightly left first before your right turn to widen the arc and off course practice in an empty car park! This is where you can make your turns in your own time, starting wide to begin with and at reasonable speed and as you build confidence make tighter turns and reduce your speed to 5-7 miles an hour, listening to the engine note (revs) as you slow ride your turn - this will help you look ahead into to your turn and remove the 'wobbling' effect -- just keep practicing.

Don't forget to do your observations, right life saver ect., in the car park to embed the habit. Even though the car park will be empty. Best wishes, Ade

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Aden24 @ 25/06/2019 07:06  

I was wondering, if a rider is ambidextrous would they have no problem with either turn, left or right? 🤔
I'm left handed so I preferred left hand bends.

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Sandi @ 25/06/2019 09:19  

If as u say u r ok when following. Its probably just confidence . The more u ride it should get easier hopefully

   Update Reply
Rabies57 @ 28/06/2019 21:53  

Hi Grom. Hope you have mastered you right handers...

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 28/06/2019 22:06  

Sounds like everyone has covered all the bases Grom, just be confident and look ahead at where you want to exit the corner etc

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Scrambled70 @ 28/06/2019 23:09  

The best(only) advice I can give is, if you're gonna do anything illegal....don't get caught ;-)

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Cornholio @ 29/06/2019 16:23  

Oh, and always wear clean underwear :-)

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Cornholio @ 29/06/2019 16:24  

But surely,once you've made the BIG mistake,clean underwear becomes the opposite with very little effort..??
No relevance to the original post,i know,and i don't want to be anal about it..;)>

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jinx57 @ 01/07/2019 19:53  


Yeah, a few times :D


But surely,once you've made the BIG mistake,clean underwear becomes the opposite with very little effort..??
No relevance to the original post,i know,and i don't want to be anal about it..;)>

   Update Reply
Cornholio @ 01/07/2019 20:01  

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