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Herts ride

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Herts ride

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Hi I'm thinking of doing an evening road ride on Thursday 20th, if the roads are dry and the weather is nice, nothing fast or fancy just a few A and B roads. Stop somewhere for a cuppa, if you want. I will leaving Redbourne Shell garage AL36LB at just after 6.00pm.
Now the boring bit.This is not a lead or guided ride. It's just me going for a ride. The last time I went out there were hazards such as, pot holes, loose gravel, dead animals, including deer, fox, squirrels and rabbit, lots of horse shit, oil and diesel. I am not your mother. Your are responsible for yourself, your safety and any breakdowns. If you’re looking to go racing, this is not for you.
If you decide to come along you agree that. YOU ARE EXPERIENCED IN AND FAMILIAR WITH THE OPERATION OF MOTORCYCLES AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THE RISKS AND DANGERS INHERENT IN MOTORCYCLING. You are voluntarily participating in the ride and you expressly agree sole responsibility for the safe and successful operation of your motorcycle, and to accept the entire risk of any accidents or personal injury, including death, which you might suffer as a result of your participation in the ride. You further understand and you assume all risks in participating in the ride. You acknowledge that you are fully aware of the danger(s) and hazard(s) associated with participating in a motorcycle ride. You certify that you are duly licensed and competent to operate a motorcycle in a safe and responsible manner, and the vehicle is in safe operational condition. You will be riding on public highways and understand that you are solely responsible to determine the speed and operational characteristics of your motorcycle while participating in the ride.
You agree to take full and sole responsibility for your own actions. You certify that you have no known physical or mental impairment that may affect your safety or the safety of other participants. You certify that you are not under the influence of any narcotic, alcohol or other substance that may impair your understanding or judgment and that you will not at any time during this ride operate your motorcycle under the influence of any narcotic, alcohol or other substance that may impair you.

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redtailkarn @ 19/06/2019 10:06  

Blimey Redtailkarn, I hope you get a signature written in blood too ...😂

Enjoy ya rideout guys and remember watch out for rogue deer n squirrels (alive or dead😱)

legal or insurance sector?

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Lindsay @ 19/06/2019 14:30  

Yes lindsay,
its not nice. But a friend lead a ride, someone turned up who they didnt know, after the ride they claimed they had an accident, injured themself and damaged the bike. Tried to sue saying its was an official ride as lead.
I've lead rides for many years, not on here. And this is the first time I've had to do this, as advised.

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redtailkarn @ 19/06/2019 18:49  

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