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General Chat/Anything Goes

Watch the blind spots!

Watch the blind spots! - Forums [Biker Match] Watch the blind spots! - Forums [Biker Match]
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Watch the blind spots!

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Are you just relying on your mirrors and your peripheral vision when riding and thinking l will be okay? If so, blind spots await - do your left and right shoulder, life save checks before turning left, right, changing lanes or direction and when overtaking. It only takes a few seconds and will reduce your chances of an accident significantly.

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Aden24 @ 07/06/2019 13:50  

You are preaching to the perverted methinks.

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double six @ 07/06/2019 14:25  

Ah so that's why I like to wear leather, nothing to do with falling off my bike, it's because I'm kinky.

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Ragnar @ 07/06/2019 14:56  


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double six @ 07/06/2019 15:00  

PS, I think you would be better off doing life savers before doing any change of direction, left, right, lane change etc, rather then when doing a change, If you wait until you are doing the change. It's a bit late.

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Ragnar @ 07/06/2019 15:03  

All round observation is a must, my eyes are never focused on just one point in front anyway, unless I am cornering in which case I am watching the vanishing point. Not knowing what is coming up behind isn't an option.

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double six @ 07/06/2019 15:16  

Ditto what Ragnar and 666 say, Lifesavers BEFORE any movement and all-round obs at all times.

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Dee7 @ 08/06/2019 21:20  

I know most riders do there obs checks, life saver checks and look beyond the vehicles in front but a reminder every now and then, can really make a difference -- thanks for all your views / comments and ride safe.

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Aden24 @ 09/06/2019 08:17  

Safest way to wander around our wee island unscathed is to develop psychic powers,and think for everybody else too...most car (only) drivers' blind spots extend 200 miles ahead of their

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jinx57 @ 10/06/2019 12:27  

Good point though Jinx, we've not only got to manage our own blind spots but be aware of everyone else's too.

My car has a major blind spots caused by the A pillars (I bet yours has too). I know it's there so move my head to see round it.

The C pillars can be worse, the amount of times bikers hide in there is incredible. I can't see them or hear them (loud pipe or not). Sometimes we don't help ourselves!

So head check in a car too, there might be a lemming about!

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Steve_H @ 10/06/2019 21:18  

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