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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

National Road Rally 2019

National Road Rally 2019 - Forums [Biker Match] National Road Rally 2019 - Forums [Biker Match]
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National Road Rally 2019

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To all on 2 wheels, please take a look at the National Road Rally. It's a 2 day overnight scatter rally with checkpoints all over the country. It takes place on the first weekend in July, and you get an award at the end. This event is getting fewer entries every year and I fear it'll continue to shrink. Tell your friends and spread the word. Hope to see you there.

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Deleted Member @ 16/05/2019 22:38  

I had a go at this back in 2013, for the first time ever & achieved a Gold award with a maximum allowance of 540 miles. Was a great weekend & thinking of doing it again.

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Wraith750 @ 16/05/2019 22:57  

Good on ya. Fantastic weekend. Fantastic controls and brilliant community. Great cafes and eats too

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Deleted Member @ 19/05/2019 15:09  

Did it every year for ages until family duties took over. Great weekends, great memories, with a collection of awards all the way from Bronze to Platinum.
Might just return to the fold this year.

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Wills @ 04/06/2019 11:12  

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