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shed alarm

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shed alarm

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thinking of getting a shed alarm to use on the bike, anybody got any recommendations.
Don't want to cut up the harness or risk flattening the battery so a stand alone tilt sensor alarm would appear to be the obvious solution.
Thoughts, anyone?

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Deleted Member @ 07/05/2019 09:13  

You get what you pay for with alarms if it simple to fit its simple to remove

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JP @ 07/05/2019 12:12  

True enough, but you can spend a fortune on the best alarm going and it can still get nicked if someone just throws it in the back off a van and drives off with the alarm blaring away...

If they've got the seat up to take the alarm out, they've already nicked it - once i've got round to fitting a padlock to the seat lock at least, or just chain it through the wheel..

I just want a warning when it's being fiddled with. And I don't want to cut the wiring or risk a flat battery

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Deleted Member @ 07/05/2019 14:45  

Try looking around for a bicycle alarm, they're not expensive, and can be modified to suit the siruation, plus they're stand alone. If an alarm has an exit/setup delay, it can be fitted to the door. Also, a personal attack alarm can be used, many of them are "grenade pin" operation, when the pin is pulled out, the alarm will sound until the pin is put back in again, or until the battery goes flat, and some of them are very loud. Anchor the alarm body somewhere on your bike (preferrably not obvious), and use a cord to anchor the pin to a fixed object. Fishing twine is handy here, as it's not immediately obvious, or a bit of strong (synthetic, not cotton) sewing thread, of a colour that blends into the background.

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Black Five 5 @ 14/05/2019 23:56  

The best shed alarm I,ve had has 4 legs, a waggy tail at one end and sharp teeth at the other and goes Woof! GRRRRRR!

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Deleted Member @ 15/05/2019 08:16  

+1 @ yarg 👍😁😂

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yorkie mick @ 16/05/2019 22:43  

Preferably a German Shepherd x Rottweiler!😂

Cute n Fluffy when in play mode 😊but Mean n Scary when in work mode😱😵

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Lindsay @ 16/05/2019 23:24  

Nacho was the best alarm i ever best is baby monitor set...1 on bedside table,1 in can hear a mouse fart,they're cheap you the option of call police or find lead pipe/baseball bat...Roz and i bought 4 or 5 cheapie £5.99 ones off Ebay with mercury switches...sensitive enough for strong gust of wind to start it wailing,small enough to hide on bike under tank or seat...

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jinx57 @ 17/05/2019 11:15  

I don't think there's room under the seat for a landshark, i'll take a look at the other options though.

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Deleted Member @ 18/05/2019 08:54  

I have cctv with motion detection app to phone

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Deleted Member @ 14/06/2019 10:44  

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