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Mobile Phone Mount

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Mobile Phone Mount

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Hello all!
I have a sports bike (so not alot of room) what do you guys and girls use to hold your phones on the bars?
Been looking at Quad Lock (as my facebook gets filled with 'suggested' ads) but it's £62.00!

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Deleted Member @ 29/04/2019 13:47  

Theres a company called buybits .com or ultimate addons

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Deleted Member @ 29/04/2019 15:17  

I use a 'pocket'. Came free with my jacket? It's all the rage...


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Deleted Member @ 29/04/2019 17:47  

Thank you balge, but my leathers don't have pockets and it hard to use a sat nav when it's in your pocket. But thanks for the advice......

Cheers mucker67, I will go have a look!

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Deleted Member @ 30/04/2019 08:31  

lol yeah . It's just I value what little situational awareness I get with a bucket on my head, don't need a screen in sight too. If I needed sat nav I'd just get an earbud and listen instead.
cheers eh

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Deleted Member @ 01/05/2019 22:03  

Slash 996 quote it hard to use a sat nav when it's in your pocket.
its called a map , put it in a clear plastic envelope , then tape it on your tank No vocal or visual distractions ,its hands free and it far more interesting when you turn down the wrong side road lolol

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Quietman2 @ 01/05/2019 23:28  

I use quad lock it is expensive but I think it's worth it.
Makes it easy to use my phone as sat nav.

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waggers63 @ 02/05/2019 10:33  

Cheapest best one I found on eBay.
(360 phone holder mtb motorcycle)

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K9 PETE @ 20/05/2019 02:23  

Mine sits in the clear top of my tankbag,where i can ignore it all day...with Quietman on the map bit too,far more fun using homing pigeon instinct,lol

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jinx57 @ 20/06/2019 21:01  

Agree with Waggers, I’ve got a Quadlock and sits solid on the bars, a bit pricey but worth it 👍

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Deleted Member @ 20/06/2019 22:55  

Newbie here on BM!

Recently bought an "Ultimate Add Ons" universal case. Plenty of mounts available for different bikes. Withstood some of the worst rainfall I've experienced... In Spain, of all places. Very handy on tour to make quick adjustments, or see some interesting roads off route.

I'd recommend having the directions bluetoothed to your ear holes, as I find even glancing down at the screen too much of a distraction.

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Deleted Member @ 28/06/2019 16:49  

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