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I am organising a run to casablanca in morocco if anyone is interested it's an easy run so will be good for beginners and seasoned tourers alike
The gist
Run from where you live either to my place in the south of spain you can arrive any time you want prior to us leaving for Morocco or you can meet us at the ferry port to go over to tangier.
One night in hotel tangier then down to casablanca four nights in a private villa with a pool.
I'm not planning anything in casablanca so what ever you feel like doing.
Then back to Spain two night in La Línea so you can have a full day in Gibraltar.
Then again you have a choice back to mine again you will be welcome to stay a few days or you can head straight off to the ferry port and home.
Like I said it's an easy run no more then an hour and a half in the saddle as you will need to keep hydrated so toilet breaks will be a must.
As long as your bike is well maintained and can do 80 miles an hour over long periods you won't have a problem.
It might be advisable to drop your antifreeze at mine and fill up with the Spanish mix as it's made for hotter temperatures I have a garage and tolls so that won't be a problem and if you want it done professionally we have a bike shop in town.
The run is listed in events September 2020 check it out.
Any questions send me a message.
For the tourers of you I will be organising other runs at least one a year so watch this space.

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sunseaandfun @ 12/04/2019 21:44  

Thanks for the PM, seems a great and very generous gesture. No idea why there are not more replies.
I'd consider this myself but can't plan that far ahead due to my shift work.

I rode with a Scottish buddy down to Portsmouth last year to see him off on the ferry to Santander, he was going to Morocco on his nearly new bike to celebrate his 80th (yes, eighty) Birthday! His organised tour went ok, apart from bike teething issues and personality clashes.


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Deleted Member @ 27/04/2019 04:33  

Inappropriate clothing

This point is more for women than for men. There isn’t really a specific law, but it’s merely recommended that women – for their own safety – should wear clothing that covers most of their body. Clothes that reveal too much of one’s body should be avoided as it is unusual and may attract unwanted attention. This is an important cultural difference compared to in Europe. Morocco is very different in this regard, so remember to dress respectfully at all times in order to avoid potential problems, even if the weather is very hot outside.

Premarital sex

It is prohibited to have sexual relations with someone who is not your spouse. Keep this in mind when renting hotel rooms with someone of the opposite sex, as some hotels may insist that you reserve separate rooms if you are Moroccan. For foreigners, this rule is not enforced, so you will be able to share a hotel room even if you are not married. Moroccans would need to show a marriage certificate in most cases.


Is Morocco a dry country? Morocco allows the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol must be purchased and consumed in licensed hotels, bars, and tourist areas. You can also buy alcohol in most major supermarkets. The alcohol section is usually in a separate room from the main supermarket. Any attempt to purchase or consume alcohol outside of these areas could result in problems with the police.

Licensed bars tend to have no windows because, while drinking is allowed, you are not allowed to be seen by those outside. There are a small number of bars and restaurants which permit drinking outside, but only tourists are allowed to drink in public. Many Moroccans drink alcohol but are restricted to drinking indoors.

You can legally bring alcohol into Morocco with you, but there are limits. The exact limits are not clear but it is generally accepted that you can bring 1 litre of alcohol in with you. Whether this refers to 1 litre of pure alcohol, or 1 litre of spirits, is not clear. Therefore, we recommend playing it safe and not bringing more than 1 bottle of wine or spirits. We don’t recommend bringing more than this, because all luggage is x-rayed by customs upon arrival (both at airports and ports) and trying to bring in too much alcohol could lead to problems.

However, alcohol is expensive in Morocco due to taxes, so it will be much more cost-effective for you to bring alcohol with you from your home country if you are on a budget and plan to drink during your time in Morocco.

There is a zero tolerance policy on drinking and driving, so hire a taxi company in Morocco instead


Possessing, selling, and/or using illegal drugs may result in a long prison sentence, coupled with an expensive fine. The rules in Morocco are quite strict in drugs and you should avoid getting involved while you are here. Morocco has a problem with drugs smuggling in the north of the country, and there are regular police checkpoints. Tourists travelling in licensed tourist transport (like us) are not bothered by the police, but the police are always on the lookout.

Is hashish legal in Morocco? No it is not legal, but it is widely-used and tolerated. Morocco is the biggest producer of cannabis in the world, and it is widely grown in the Rif Mountains south of Tangier and near Chefchaouen. People often travel from Tangier to Chefchaouen for this reason.  Bear in mind that in Chefchaouen, people are likely to approach you and offer you hashish on the streets. You should be careful with these people, but they will not harass you because what they are doing is illegal. Smoking hashish in Chefchaouen is likely to land you in any trouble but caution should be exercised at all times since this drug is technically illegal in Morocco.


Morocco does not have regulations for vaping. Importation of e-liquids and e-cigarettes is allowed in Morocco. Vaping is also tolerated in public in this country.

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sunseaandfun @ 28/04/2019 13:42  

Thanks Ducat
I posted it early as the last runi organised I was told by a few riders that they needed more time to organise holidays so you have 18 plus monthsto sort your plans out.
It's being run late September so it's not too hot to ride. Kids are back at school so hotels and ferries are cheaper and there is less traffic on the roads. Add yourself to the event you can always remove yourself if you find you can't make it. Hope to see you there

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sunseaandfun @ 28/04/2019 13:49  

I have heard some insurance company's so not insure vehicles in Morocco. You can buy a month's insurance at the Tangier port for about £90.00 it's like all insurance it depends on the size of your bike to what it costs and that I can't tell you.

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sunseaandfun @ 28/04/2019 13:54  

I understand its a ways off but if you are thinking you might want to go then let me know. And also if you would meet us at the port or you want to meet at my place. As for ferrys brittanys new prices for next year comes out in November and the earlier you book the cheaper it is

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sunseaandfun @ 08/05/2019 22:09  

Has anyone read this

   Update Reply
sunseaandfun @ 15/05/2019 10:21  

Probably but if there is not much interest not much you can do

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JP @ 15/05/2019 16:30  

Hi , l am a new member today. I toured Morocco in 1975 when posted in Gibraltar. Then it was wild and fascinating. I too have a place in Spain and hope to get there later in the year. If not many people reply its probably just because of the fear of the drag through France , but the Ferry to Bilbao /Santander reduces this considerably. Too early for me to decide yet. But thankyou for the thought.

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Deleted Member @ 18/05/2019 14:23  

I agree the santander ferry is perfect I use it all the time a mini cruise if you can get 10 bikes booked on one booking you get a discount and like I said you don't have to meet at mine you can run straight to the port and meet in tangier and going home you can leave from la Línea that will save you 2 days or have one night not two and there's 3 days saved its a flexible run.

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sunseaandfun @ 30/05/2019 16:54  

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