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Spam? - Forums [Biker Match] Spam? - Forums [Biker Match]
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An old woman called Jessica Roland has messaged me, anyone else had same message?

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 23/03/2019 12:38  

Yes, offering $3.5M

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 23/03/2019 13:27  

Silly me, it’s 3.5M euro so totally believable

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 23/03/2019 13:31  

How did it get approved??? Shame....shes a bit of a catch😂

   Update Reply
KTMPhil61 @ 23/03/2019 14:01  


I got it too. Reported to Mods although it took some time and umpteen attempts for the report button to work!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 23/03/2019 14:36  

I got it as well, time they were deleated

   Update Reply
rocker21 @ 23/03/2019 14:52  

I got something from cuteangel12 looked and sounded dodgy

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 23/03/2019 15:06  

I have seen Jessica Rolands profile and she looks hospitalized and just don't get it. Why is she on biker match?

   Update Reply
Henry1200 @ 23/03/2019 15:16  

Didn't get one, I feel left out now

   Update Reply
zx12r ninja 03 @ 23/03/2019 17:27  

Cos she's possibly a him (or maybe not) but one thing is for certain sure is it's a cheeky chancer trying to scam folks!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 23/03/2019 17:29  

That's a shame, I could do with 3.5 million in sterling or euros- I'm not greedy...

   Update Reply
Gallowglass @ 23/03/2019 17:35  

Aww bless ya zx12r ninja 03 ... Don't worry it took me years before I got 'lucky'. I'm proud to say that I've now had TWO! 😁👍

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 23/03/2019 17:38  

They don't get approved if we can help it, They send out PM's when they set up a profile while the other mods like myself are at work at our own jobs earning our living and that's why we ask people to report spammers asap.
Sandi reported this one and it was blocked by another mod before I even read Sandi's message to the mods and cuteangel12 was blocked after a member popped into the chat room to ask what they needed to do about it

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 23/03/2019 18:51  

Bugger...thought this was finally a viking thread..oh well...SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAMSPAMLOVELYSPAMWONDERFULSPAM...

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 23/03/2019 18:58  

It was never about the money😍!

   Update Reply
KTMPhil61 @ 23/03/2019 19:16  

🤣 WML at the comments in here. In my 12 year membership that's the first spam I've seen. The moderators do a cracking job.👍

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 23/03/2019 19:35  


Aww bless ya zx12r ninja 03 ... Don't worry it took me years before I got 'lucky'. I'm proud to say that I've now had TWO! 😁👍

   Update Reply
zx12r ninja 03 @ 23/03/2019 20:13  

I will have to be patient then lyndsey 😂

   Update Reply
zx12r ninja 03 @ 23/03/2019 20:14  

I sent her my banking details before she was deleted. I am now laughing all the way to my bank and have already written my letter of resignation to be handed in on monday morning.
I have visited a Maserati dealer, a Lambourghini dealer and an Aston Martin dealer yesterday afternoon and have placed orders for cars far in excess of a million pounds. Later today I plan on booking charter flights to the USA, Australia and Bangkok, gotta get me some of that sweet oriental Thai bride action.
If you got this far, then obviously you enjoy revelling in someone elses misery.
Those who know me and have read it will know it is a wind up.
What would you have been doing had you not read this post hmm?

   Update Reply
Double six @ 24/03/2019 01:32  

Only bit that puzzles me,D6 is why you're buying cars when there are so many beautiful bikes out there??
And Sandi,if that's the only spammer you've ever seen on here,then a trip to Specsavers may be advisable,or get out more,pmsl...:)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 24/03/2019 09:13  

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