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Coming back from Squires on Sunday, just got into Sheffield city limits. Eye balled a rider on a kawa, older style while at a set of traffic lights, as he pulled off I nodded and he turned his head away from me, been ignored or not been noticed before but never had ,"look at the back of the helmet type thing"
SusiPop there was nothing wrong with your motorcycling apparel.but ask Linz about my sat nav abilities😂

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glyn62 @ 27/03/2019 16:44  

Love the variety of opinions being aired amongst the contributors to this post..goes to show what a diverse bunch we are...:)>
And satnav on a bike..seriously..??That's what a road atlas is for(as well as draught excluder)Also ,i don't have heated anything, apart from words with blind car drivers...think that just put me in the grumpy section though..pah..!!
I do try and stop if i see a bike possibly disabled,hopefully even if only to offer sympathy and whatever tools might be of use...although the last two times i went back to check,the riders had simply stopped for a fag and check their text messages ...pmsl..:)

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jinx57 @ 27/03/2019 19:35  

SusiPop, I think you mean "Pocket rocket" not plastic rocket, anyway if you fancy a ride with a doddery old man that rides a zx6r as if he's still in his 20s I'll ask for you when I find him.

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svron @ 28/03/2019 18:37  

@ glynn62, I've got just nine words;

Make sure the phone is the right way up!


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Lindsay @ 28/03/2019 20:42  

@Lindsey thank you for that very sound piece of advise.

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glyn62 @ 28/03/2019 23:10  

'tis my pleasure! 😀👍

Oh yeah, make sure you are wearing the right specs too! 😉😱 (Wow! Another nine words!) 👍

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Lindsay @ 28/03/2019 23:25  

It’s kind of difficult to nod when you’re going over 180 mph, it’s easy to wave when you’re doing a wheelie though 🤪

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Cornholio @ 21/05/2019 06:05  

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