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What's a "Nod"?

What's a "Nod"? - Forums [Biker Match] What's a "Nod"? - Forums [Biker Match]
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What's a "Nod"?

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I know this subject has been visited in the past but as it was raised today by two new(ish) members, I thought I'd put it out there once more for discussion;

Concerns were raised as to whether it indicates an 'interest' (relationship/sexual) or whether it was a 'hello' or merely an acknowledgement that your presence had been 'noted'.

Personally I use 'nod' as an acknowledgement that I've viewed your profile (interesting profile/great photo's etc). Also as 'Hi' as per a wave or nod when on the road.

It's not necessarily an expression of the need to chat/PM. If I feel the need to do either I use the chat room/forums/PM.

The discussion today centred around the fact that both members were so unsure about 'Nod' that they have decided to stop using it altogether (for fear of mixed messages).

So what's your take on a 'Nod' ?

Is there a need for something else which could indicate an 'interest' (relationship/sexual)? 😍

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Lindsay @ 03/03/2019 21:53  

I like the fact that they're ambiguous in a way.
I don't often nod, but I do when I've found someone interesting, or local (men & women)
Occasionally I nod when i find someone snoggable, but really too far away to think about it.
Though more often than not in that case I'll send a brief message and bemoan the fact I don't have a tardis
So I suppose it's really more of a "Hi, I noticed you". Anything more serious and I'd message

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Deleted Member @ 03/03/2019 22:01  

A nods as good as a wink to a blind I'm told.

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Double six @ 03/03/2019 22:35  

In my case, it's an acronym..No Ordinary Dude...:)> pmsl

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jinx57 @ 04/03/2019 06:29  

If you go to News Feed on the left hand drop down and then onto Nods, it says
What's a nod? It can mean anything you like! Send a nod to say 'thank you', 'hello', 'welcome' or even 'I'm interested in you'.

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Ragnar @ 04/03/2019 07:23  

I feel fulfilled by knowing that..😆

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jinx57 @ 04/03/2019 10:54  

In a word, pointless.

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Sandi @ 04/03/2019 13:18  

Thanks Rags but I think the fact that it can mean whatever you want it to is what is causing 'concern' for the members I chatted to over the weekend.

They have profiles which state 'looking for friends' and, as they had viewed some members profiles they thought it polite to nod in acknowledgement (as on the road). They then received messages from the said members which assumed that they were up for a bunkup (to put it politely)! This made them feel uncomfortable and thus made the decision not to nod for fear of receiving more unwanted attention of this kind.

I asked the question in the hope that there may be a consensus of opinion which made things clearer for the newer membership. However, it appears not.

Oh well, onwards and upwards😉😁👍

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Lindsay @ 04/03/2019 19:04  

Hi Lindsay
I agree for what it's worth. A nod is the same as on the road, an acknowledgement, Hi, etc.. it's upto the person receiving as to how they perceive it and respond.
P.S. I'm new to these here forum responds. But might meet members at the Manchester Bike Show.

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Deleted Member @ 04/03/2019 19:18  

I like Jinxs57, interpretation 😂

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glyn62 @ 04/03/2019 20:19  

Oh I think I can safely say that you both defo ain't No Ordinary Dudes! 😉😂

Gezza, welcome to The Madhouse. 😁

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Lindsay @ 04/03/2019 20:35  

Madhouse! Sounds normal to me 👍

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Deleted Member @ 04/03/2019 20:53  

Linz, Jinxs57 is definitely no ordinary dude meet him a couple of years ago at Barmouth, and you can say I'm ordinary I'm me 🤔😂😂😂

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glyn62 @ 04/03/2019 21:17  

Flippancy aside Linz, the new member with concerns about nods should report those who send unsolicited messages suggesting unwanted sexual encounters to Matt.
You know I am no puritan but there are sites where that kind of attention is encouraged, this isnt one of those sites.
The guilty parties should be banned, but unless the aggrieved report the issue then carte blanche is handed to them to continue.

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Double six @ 04/03/2019 22:01  

Think I’d agree with D6.
An invite for that sort of chat has to be incontrovertible. If it isn’t, then it’s not - and out of order.
And it can’t be inferred from a Nod.

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Deleted Member @ 04/03/2019 22:35  

@D6, I don't think the messages were lurid, just unexpected, uncomfortable reading for new(ish) members (who thought they'd just said 'Hi') and that's why the question was asked 'What's a Nod?'

They had read the info on site, which is open to interpretation, leading to confusion and concern.

I don't think there was an abundance of 'pushy' messages and from what I was told no one was persistent.

I suppose the written word can be read in several ways, so what one person may think is acceptable another person will think it isn't.

I suppose in reality the meaning to the individual will be based around their reason for being on BM i.e. if you are looking for a full on relationship (or fun!) it will mean a lot more than if you are looking for friends and the social aspects of the site.

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Lindsay @ 04/03/2019 23:41  

@sandi, your response is probably right! 😂😂😂😂


In a word, pointless.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 04/03/2019 23:48  

I have had a few 'risque' conversations via pm on here, but not before I was sure it would be received and reciprocated equally.
Just because a nod is sent doesn't automatically mean someone is open to receiving suggestive or explicit messages.
A nod is, as you put forward, an acknowledgment that your profile has been viewed and a friendly gesture is proffered. Nothing more than that could be implied before further communication has established that flirting or more explicit communiques are welcome. I stand by what I said earlier, report them and get them banned.
It's hard enough getting strangers to respond as it is without appearing to be a predator looking for the next victim.

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Double six @ 05/03/2019 00:03  

"You know I am no puritan but there are sites where that kind of attention is encouraged, this isnt one of those sites"

Can you post some links for those sites please 66? 😉😎

   Update Reply
invalid characters @ 05/03/2019 11:33  

invalid characters. I am afraid I don't have any, I only know of them from colleagues with unsavoury tastes in companions of the opposite gender. I am confident that if you do a google search for 'girls, (or boys), with nasty habits', you will find exactly what you are looking for.

   Update Reply
Double six @ 05/03/2019 11:43  

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