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New Norton.

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New Norton.

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Not for me TBH, but interesting.

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invalid characters @ 16/11/2018 19:12  

Would have thought they should have picked a less tainted name..every Atlas i ever rode,or knew of ,spent most of it's time shaking parts off itself ,whilst vibration meant running faster than 80mph was a truly numbing experience...having said that,Tom up the village has one,used all year round since time immemorial,his old baby...however if someone would like to donate £10,000 to the Bank Of Jinx,i'll risk it,they look wicked little bikes...anybody want to buy a low mileage 2003 Triumph Speedfour 600..??

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jinx57 @ 17/11/2018 10:44  

Can't believe that I've never ridden an Atlas TBH, but most bikes of that era were similar really (Restored my first Bonny (76) in the 90s and geared the crap out of it to get a highish cruising speed + balanced everything I could. Bliidy brilliant! Hinkley have done the same with the T120 ref' gearing.
When I got my Hinkley T120 a mate asked what I thought of it and I said very good but if anything a little "Civilised".
Rose tinted spec's perhaps?
At least the Triumph offerings are low revving and look the part I think, for me Norton aren't even considering those points (The joy of a twin isn't making max' power @ 11k rev's for me.).

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invalid characters @ 18/11/2018 09:13  

Just remember Norton are a bit more British. Hinkley Triumph is only an assembly plant

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JP @ 18/11/2018 12:07  

Wasn't when they built my Tiger or Speed Triple,but i can forgive the Speedfour any sins ...awful thing,

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jinx57 @ 18/11/2018 12:42  

They have about a dozen shipping containers a day mainly bikes in a semi built state then others containing vireos goods. I was in there couple of weeks back collecting bike crates to go back to the manufacturing plants overseas

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JP @ 18/11/2018 13:04  

Still a place i'd like to visit,think they're doing the tours again now...maybe a BM meetup venue next year sometime if enough interested..?Or see if Norton plan to do walkrounds..??

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jinx57 @ 18/11/2018 17:58  

Yes I think Triumph hare a visitor centre I do believe you have to book in advance. Norton did have a bike night last year not sure about tours. Something we can look into Jinx

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JP @ 19/11/2018 03:11  

Saw both new bikes in the flesh today at NEC , yes both nice machines but the new CCM range by foggy just blows them away in my opinion, check them out if you get to go, impressive!

On the negative side though was Royal enfield, cheap and looked it on closer inspection. 47bhp engines in everything, not enough horses to compete.

A few CCM photos on my profile if you want a look, not the best on my rubbish phone but you can see them.

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Deleted Member @ 19/11/2018 19:15  

I d be interested in a trip to either Norton or Truimph please

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shelleygirl @ 21/11/2018 06:11  

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