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Rttw 2018

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Rttw 2018

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I am trying to post this event but there is already an event on the page with totally the wrong information, can anyone help ? thanks Gaz.

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916gaz @ 08/07/2018 12:42  

11 routes for RTTW.

Route 1. Drayton Manor Park - Staffordshire - B78 3TW - start 12.15
Route 2. M1 (Southbound) - Woodall Services (Sheffield) S26 7XR - start 8.30
Route 3. (Toll) M1 (Northbound) - Northampton Services - NN4 9QS - start 8.55
Route 4. (Toll) M40 (Northbound) - Cherwell Valley Services (Oxon) - OX27 7RD - start 08.50
Route 5. A51 Wolseley Bridge - garden centre - ST17 OYA - start 9.30
Route 6. (Toll) M5 (Northbound) Strensham Services (Worcester) WR8 0BZ - start 09.10
Route 7. (Toll) M6 (Southbound) Knutsford Services - WA16 0TL - start 9.40
Route 8. M1 (Northbound) Leicester Forest East Services - LE3 3GB - start 10.15
Route 9. M54 Telford Services - TF11 8TG - start 09.45
Route 10. A453 (M1 J23a Donington Services - DE74 2TN - start 11.00
Route 11. M6 (Southbound) Sandbach Services - CW11 2FZ - start 10.12

Sure there are other routes planned too, 916gaz

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Catkins @ 09/07/2018 11:25  

Thank you 916gaz. The event has now been updated with the correct info.

   Update Reply
Vladamir @ 09/07/2018 18:49  

Thank you for sorting it out. Gaz

   Update Reply
916gaz @ 09/07/2018 23:35  

As the calendar doesn't show the titles of the events, it makes it difficult to see at a glance what's on.
What's the DATE of RTTW please?

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 13/07/2018 02:11  

Calendar shows it as RTTW2018 & is on 6 October.

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 13/07/2018 03:20  

Thanks for the info' Catkins but when I go to the calendar it just shows the month of dates with the individual dates, that have events, marked with a dot. No titles. If I don't know the date of an event I will have to open every day, with a dot, to find the event I'm looking for.


Calendar shows it as RTTW2018 & is on 6 October.

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Sandi @ 13/07/2018 08:32  

No no noooooo n also to anyone else thinkin as Sandi has above.....

Sandi - if you scroll down underneath spotty measles month you will see two grey bars - one shows the month n one shows the whole year.

So's all you have to do is click on the month or click on the view year if you want to browse through everything. You don't need to bob in n out on polka dot measles month, lol.

Hope that helps. N for every one person thinkin or doin that there are others who won't have asked so ta for raising it. ☺

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 13/07/2018 18:33  

😂😂 haha @ spotty measles month, oh well trust me to not scroll
Cheers Catkins x

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 13/07/2018 22:27  

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