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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Cornwall Camp - 31st May to 4th June 2018

Cornwall Camp - 31st May to 4th June 2018 (2) - Forums [Biker Match] Cornwall Camp - 31st May to 4th June 2018 (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Cornwall Camp - 31st May to 4th June 2018

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No probs Lindsey, glad you enjoyed it the meal. Not sure what the rest are up to today but some of us are working 😟🤗haha

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Lynne @ 01/06/2018 12:35  

We did breakfast in Newlyn, Lands End for an ice-cream, Minack Theatre to be cultural, Mousehole for a mooch then looked at St Michael's Mount wistfully across the bay.

A lovely day topped off by a pretentious Landlord who refused to serve us, guess he has an aversion to leather!

Luckily we found lovely pub with great steak n ale pie, washed down by a pint of Tribute in Newlyn.

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Lindsay @ 01/06/2018 21:43  

All in all we had a lovely time in Cornwall. We saw lots n lots of interesting and beautiful places, including tourist favourites such as Lands End and Lizard's Point to small coves and tiny hamlets. The Cornish folk we spoke to were lovely, very friendly. We will be going back to explore further. Great fun!👍😁

In total 1,081miles covered every one of them brought a smile as wide as a mile! .... well except for the last 70 miles when Stuie's knees were hurting 😱😨

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Lindsay @ 03/06/2018 20:29  

Back home safe and sound , it was a cracking camp in Cornwall. Great too meet up with you guys and gals( you know who you are ). Hope you all enjoyed like I did , and had hope you all had a safe and good ride home .will see some of you at Gt Yarmouth . Take care . !!! x

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brummiepaul @ 04/06/2018 20:09  

Evenin' - got back in one piece . . . and never needed the waterproofs.

Great to meet you all . . . . .looking forward to the next one.

   Update Reply
GHW @ 04/06/2018 20:25  

Got back home safe and sound after a fabulous weekend, would just like to thank Dave and Trish for looking after me with brews and Fiona for making me laugh also it was nice to meet all the other Bmer's that i hadn't met before it all made for a great weekend 👍

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Roughrider02 @ 04/06/2018 22:05  

Great weekend and good to hear that everyone seems to have got home safely after some long journeys. Special thanks to our native guides Lynne and Debs (Pillion Rider Fan) for taking the time to show us round :)

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Wills @ 04/06/2018 23:57  

Myself, Trish& Fiona got home late last night knackered after a long ride home from Marazion, but it was well worth it, what a great weekend, great to catch up with and meet new folk.
Again many thanks to Lynne for all the effort she put in setting this up for us and to Deb's for more local knowledge.
Not forgetting Martin (Quietman2) for having the original idea and starting the ball rolling before circumstances prevented him from carrying on with the organisation and attending the event.
There are a few photo's on the calendar

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 05/06/2018 13:19  

Fab photos 😄

   Update Reply
xSuzix @ 05/06/2018 18:14  

Back home safe and well - Just like to say thanks to Lynne for her help with this event - and a special thanks to all who attended - after all it is the people who make any event memorable / enjoyable - and must say i really enjoyed this one :)

   Update Reply
Mister Pete - Optimist @ 05/06/2018 21:12  

Just uploaded some photographs - the last two show why my trike sounded a tad loud . . . .all fixed now though.
I'll post a link to the video once I've got around to editing and uploading it.

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GHW @ 05/06/2018 21:26  

Yeah was a great weekend, lovely place with lovely bunch of people.
Looking forward to the next one!
Please...... (Dave VM) :)

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passenger @ 05/06/2018 23:54  

Yeah what a lovely weekend and a great bunch of lovely people, had a lovely time lot of miles but well worth it even the weather was good, now looking forward to see you all again soon. and a big Thank you Lynne for all you done just wish I could have had a few more free samples at the cider factory never mind next time, all the best everyone and stay safe.

   Update Reply
Kev52 @ 08/06/2018 01:15  

Hey guys and gals, I am so glad you all had a good time, it was a pleasure to meet everyone I spoke to. Hopefully see you down here again, and spend a bit more time with you. Kev, there's lots more cider to be sampled 😁at Healey's. I've still got 20l of scrumpy in my car, untouched ready for my trip to Bedfordshire in a couple of weeks. 1st working festival of the summer, can't wait xx

   Update Reply
Lynne @ 10/06/2018 08:59  

Well I've finally got around to finishing the video . . .

   Update Reply
GHW @ 14/06/2018 15:39  

Fabby video 📹 enjoyed that and yes the exhaust box thingy was just a tad fecked!!!! 😝

   Update Reply
xSuzix @ 14/06/2018 16:19  

GHW, watching your video made it feel like we were riding the roads towards Lands End once again. Great video.

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 14/06/2018 16:34  

Hey a great video GHW i looked good from behind 👍and it was great looking at those roads again

   Update Reply
Roughrider02 @ 14/06/2018 16:53  

Brilliant! I'm afraid the yellow lid is getting a bit obvious :)

   Update Reply
Wills @ 15/06/2018 22:48  

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