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Round Britain Rally

Round Britain Rally - Forums [Biker Match] Round Britain Rally - Forums [Biker Match]
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Round Britain Rally

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I have just signed up to do my 1st Round Britain Rally.
I had never heard of it, before a chance meeting with a couple of bikers last year.
It sounds like a good,fun, different way to enjoy a bike ride.
Does anyone on here also do the rally, and if so are there any tips you can share please.

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Pikeman @ 17/03/2018 17:07  

Oooh never heard of this, as far as why you've said, so be interested yo hear more..... Just coz it sounds interesting 😁

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Deleted Member @ 17/03/2018 18:59  

Is this the one you mean Pikeman ?

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Quietman2 @ 17/03/2018 20:12  

I can't open the link but yes it is the same web address.
It's basically a bigger version of the pub rallies / treasure hunts i used to do in cars with my parents years ago but covers England, Scotland, Wales, and is for Motorcycles.
You get points for all you find.
It costs £35 and starts April 1st - Nov 1st and they have an awards presentation evening in February.
It adds another dimension to biking when going out for a ride.

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Pikeman @ 19/03/2018 10:10  

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