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So Wheres a good ride in the north

So Wheres a good ride in the north (1) - Forums [Biker Match] So Wheres a good ride in the north (1) - Forums [Biker Match]
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So Wheres a good ride in the north

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Hi all

Browsing the profiles I notice there's a lot of you north of me in essex.

Was thinking of a putting together a weekend away in the summer maybe at the peak district or somewhere that neck of the woods Any advice on good roads/places/events/cafes that way to ride a zzr1200 I ride steady open her up sometimes so like a few curves but she bites if i push her too hard.

Cheers in advance for replies.

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Awmike @ 03/03/2018 11:36  

Have a look at the Best Roads forum for a few ideas.

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SlowlyDuzIt @ 03/03/2018 15:52  

Cheers found it.

"Peak District
Roads around Castleton, Eyam, Monsal Head/Trail, Hathersage."

Will have a look around that way 😊

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Awmike @ 03/03/2018 17:28  

There’s some good roads in the Peaks. Snake Pass and Cat and Fiddle pass are worth riding if you’re in the area. A bit busy and speed cameras but everybody should do them once.

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SlowlyDuzIt @ 03/03/2018 17:34  

Cool googled those looks like I'm going to have to stay sharp 😯

going to knock up a route on basecamp to include these

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Awmike @ 03/03/2018 17:44  

A59 is a good road, Dick Turpins is a brill brew stop esp if going to/from Devils Bridge A65

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feistygirl @ 03/03/2018 17:53  

Peak District is fab, if you come up and want showing a few routes feel free to PM me.

Not too far away from there you also have North Yorkshire moored up to Whitby and across to the lakes. All brilliant rides. Nice and open with some twists so you can admire the view or stretch the zzr's legs a bit.

Don't forget so waterproof gear though. Had some friends come up last summer who learnt the hard way.

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Stuie @ 03/03/2018 18:48  

That BBC report is alarmist, Cat and Fiddle is like any other road, just treat it with respect and the views are worth it. All 50 mph average speed cameras now so not worth risking your life or your licence. If you’re coming from Essex I’d take the A1 then the A47 and pick up B6047. It’s shortish but relieves the boredom and evens up the tyre wear. That way you can avoid Leicester and bypass Nottingham to the south. It’s a bit longer but I’m always looking for the best way rather than the shortest.

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SlowlyDuzIt @ 03/03/2018 18:58  

Cat and fiddle is great. Wouldn't worry about it to much..

To average over 50mph on the twisty section you really have to go for it. The closest I have managed is 47mph ave from the bottom to the cafe. And that involved knee sliders and a bit of drifting. Up over the top you just back off a little and you will be fine. Well worth rideing all over that area. Really lovely country and even better roads.

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Stuie @ 03/03/2018 19:01  

The Peak District is great but it does tend to be full of traffic.
Head further north into the Durham Dales, Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. Plenty of places to have a play provided you can cope with traffic free roads - that sounds like a daft statement but some folks like to be seen.
Moffat is a great place to stay in the Borders and easy to get too.
Wensleydale, Swaledale, Teesdale and Weardale provide endless entertainment.
Northumberland has castles, coast and beaches and of course Kielder :-)
PM me if your heading this way.

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Steve_H @ 03/03/2018 19:11  

One of my favourite rides is the Yorkshire dales.

So go a little further north and up the A1.

Come off at Scotch corner and onto the A66 (st) heading for Kirby Stephen and Brough.

At Greta Bridge and just before the Bowes Museum, turn left onto a B road, Stang Lane and head for Stang top.
Follow a wonderful ride uphill to the very top of the stang, which looks longingly towards Tan Hill.

Drop down hill, across the moor to a t-junction, where you can go no further. Going left here takes you to Langhtwaite and Reeth. Further on this road, you can run through to Leyburn, Barnard castle, Aysgarth falls and Hawes (Hardraw force falls) latter two falls famed for Robin Hood film, with Kevin Costner, in1991.

Instead of latter Go right at the junction(after Stang top) you can head up to Tan Hill Inn, arguably the highest pub in the UK. This is a great bikers pub, for camping, b&b and weekend bands, in the adjacent barn. They also have bike clubs and meets. One time they used to have lambs and chickens, running around in the pub ? Good food too. Maybe the latter 😀 Only yoking.

From Tan Hill, take the back roads, down to either Kirby Stephen or past the famous Buttertubs pass and into the heart of the dales at Hawes village. Again, the latter arguably the highest market town in the UK ? It's a great stop again for drinks and food, with biker friendly cafes and stops. Also the Hardraw force falls, as mentioned earlier, are just around the corner.

Then you can take, out of Hawes, either the B6255 down to Ribblehead and the famous viaducts and past the three high mountain peaks of Whernside, Penny-Gent and Ingleborough. Even further onto Ingleton village or bear left at Ribble Head and ride down to Settle or Skipton. Two lovely places.

Another nice road is out of Hawes (left just before petrol station) go through Gayle hamlet and up onto the Oughtershaw mountain moor and down the other side to Hubberholme, Buckden, Starbottom, Kettlewell and even Bolton Abbey.

There you go. If you need a guide 😀😂

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yorkie mick @ 03/03/2018 20:08  

Cheers all some great info here looking to go late June early July for 2 weeks just waiting for lads exam dates to come out to know for sure when's good.

Look fwd to meeting yas up there will shout out when I'm there 😊.


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Awmike @ 03/03/2018 22:34  

The suggestions must be so good you’ve extended from a weekend away to a full 2 weeks. With that amount of time you could do all these great roads and places (and more) grinning all the way. As you’re in it for the ride then you can also join them up using smaller A roads and B roads and stay off the main routes altogether.

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SlowlyDuzIt @ 04/03/2018 07:54  

yep was going to do the b500 as me main summer ride this year but have not booked a crossing yet

it seems there's a whole area at home so gonna go check this out instead. 😊

Makes sense with me lad in year 11 theres lots going on, I,'ll get to keep me pillion seat free, meet some new bikers and save a wedge too ☺.

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Awmike @ 04/03/2018 12:28  

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