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Euro Trips

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Hello all,
I'm sure I'm not the only one already looking at the maps, trying to decide when and where to ride my bike abroad next summer. There's probably many who would like to but are either daunted by the idea, have no one to go with, or both.
Personally all I want is twisty mountain roads and sunshine. Bit of camping thrown in when the weather's good, shell out for a room when the need arises......oh, and good likeminded company.

If anyone's going and wants to share their plans here, or would like to go and needs some help or wants to tag onto a group, this is a good place to start, right ???



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Deleted Member @ 26/11/2017 21:35  

Good post!
I think Ireland is called me for next year (again) - great prep for a Euro jaunt as well.

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Deleted Member @ 26/11/2017 23:36  

I suppose a lot depends on where in the UK you live. I really want to do Scotland, but ride the same distance south and I'm in the Alps, where it's much more likely to be sunny :)

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Deleted Member @ 26/11/2017 23:46  

Do both...start off in Scotland then make your way to Europe...

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Deleted Member @ 27/11/2017 03:11  

I’m in Big Ears! 😜 xx

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Deleted Member @ 27/11/2017 08:48  

I've done some fantastic touring in Europe over the last few years - 2 weeks of amazing roads, mountain passes, alps, lakes, and beaches. Really can't beat the views, the weather, and the gorgeous little places you come across by accident.
Next year I want to take the bike again, but instead of 2 weeks of touring I want to spend a couple of days having a lazy ride to somewhere warm, and then just veg out for a week. And then another lazy few days riding home.
It's been a few years since I've done that.

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Deleted Member @ 27/11/2017 11:15  

Is good on a long trip to have the odd day off the bike to recharge and be a tourist, I agree. Generally I don't do repetitive big mileage days, keep it close to 200 ish a day and stay off the motorways.

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Deleted Member @ 27/11/2017 12:31  

Yep, we're absolutely the same, avoid motorways like the plague. We also go very random, no itinerary or route, but maybe just pick the odd place or two we want to visit. And snap with the mileage too! Lazy start after breakfast, stop for mid morning coffee, stop for lunch, stop for afternoon tea, stop for fag and butt break, and then settle somewhere and find a hotel around 5-6pm.
Don't do camping:)

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Deleted Member @ 27/11/2017 12:46  

Camping isn't so bad if the weathers nice...... bloody cheap to.

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Deleted Member @ 27/11/2017 13:34  

I’m up for it I have a mate who will be interested We have spoke about somewhere warm but if it’s a good crowd who cares

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Deleted Member @ 27/11/2017 13:43  

Sounds pretty good. I did France, Belgium, Germany and Austria this year with a group. It was a case of ride, eat, sleep repeat and even though the route was planned we ended up doing a lot of route changes. Made for some long ass days so i would be up for doing it again at a more leisurely and desirable pace. 2000 plus miles in just over a week, in 33 degrees it wasn’t always fun .. 😁

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Livealifeworthwhile @ 27/11/2017 22:40  

I've always thought once on the scenic roads 1200(ish) miles per week is enough, alowing a day or to off the bikes and relaxing. Northern France and Belgium can be a bit boring so generally do a bigger mileage day 1, using the autoroute to get to the interesting stuff, then stick to the nice roads.

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Deleted Member @ 28/11/2017 07:19  

Looking at French Alps in June, probably for 9 days all in, if anyone's interested. Shit loads of great roads down there, and a day in Monaco possibly.

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Deleted Member @ 14/12/2017 21:38  

Ive toured most of Europe and always headed south, Spain and the Alps are fav, Scotland is fantastic, albeit the weather and midges lol. I am planning Alaska to Patagonia next year if anyone want to join me, approx away for a year.

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peter1200gs @ 15/12/2017 08:57  

Lucky f*cker.....out of my price range for the time being

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Deleted Member @ 15/12/2017 15:46  

Ive booked my first euro trip to vosges. Black fforest with tour company. Any advice wld be appreciated as a little nervous 😆

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Deleted Member @ 18/12/2017 16:02  

Well done Minnie10R!

You will love it. SO much info on Euro travel, you need to sift out whats relevant to you and not get bogged down.

Here is a half-decent guide, apart from all the link clicking!

I wont blab on too much but easy hits:
Prep your bike FULLY, then again and maybe even get someone else to check too.
Make sure YOU are up to riding big miles if needed, brush up on skills and some full days in training for the main event.
Get the best waterproofs - it will rain.
Make copies of important documents, Driving licence and even V5 - I have online copies in Google Drive too.
Best Credit card - Halifax Clarity - FEE FREE in Europe ;-)

Enjoy and take LOADS of photos for us please.

Cheers - Frank

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Deleted Member @ 19/12/2017 00:29  

Thx for that frank will take a look at the link. 😊

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Deleted Member @ 19/12/2017 09:40  

Hi Minnie, I did the Vosges and Black Forest with a tour company in 2014 it was ace... long days in the saddle but bloody worth it 😁

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Deleted Member @ 20/12/2017 05:26  

Hi ian. Im goin with 'guidedmotorbiketours' company only a 5 day tour but yes lots of miles in a day . Used to doin 250 miles in a day but not 5 days together lol. N im getting old. 😀

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Deleted Member @ 20/12/2017 05:51  

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