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Motorcycle News

What the hell is wrong with the world?

What the hell is wrong with the world? (4) - Forums [Biker Match] What the hell is wrong with the world? (4) - Forums [Biker Match]
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What the hell is wrong with the world?

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On the news this week they have been saying that the police drivers will no be prosecuted if the little darlings get hurt when riding stolen or illegal motorcycles without ppe so this action may start to escalate now

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JP @ 26/05/2018 07:01  

Just been up Cardigan road in Leeds , 3 bikes ,no number plates, no helmets, running red lights , scum like this give us a bad name.

   Update Reply
916gaz @ 26/05/2018 20:43  

Now here's something to warm the cockles.

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Deleted Member @ 29/06/2018 22:15  

Just been reading on line about the feckin idiots in London after the football though it would be a good idea to jump all over a fast respond ambulance. It is now out of service and from the pictures looks to have around £5000.00 worth of damage. I just hope the stupid bitch that has been photographed standing on the bonnet and her foot on the broken windscreen gets her day in court and is given 2 YEARS and the repair bill.

   Update Reply
JP @ 08/07/2018 06:57  

I hope she needs an ambulance and it's too late getting to her....... Only trouble us the ambulance service will be in trouble for not hitting targets and her stupid fecked up bitch arse will probably just laugh....
How sad tgat there are so many messed up morons actually using oxygen

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 08/07/2018 15:17  

Can't we cull them........ Oh please 😌 my mum wS NHS accident and emergency operating theatre sister and I know paramedics
It's totally the wrong people to pick in....... Stupid cow needs to fight politicians and world hunger.... Oh but she's really good at smashing ambulance windscreens......

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 08/07/2018 15:18  

I haven't seen this photograph but I really do hope her mother has. I would imagine she will be so proud! Hope none of her family members need the assistance of the emergency services, they may find a delay/lack of ambulances a tad worrying.

As JP said, let's hope that she gets her day in Court and is dealt with swiftly and firmly.

What I don't understand is why does 'celebrating' a win involve mindless acts of criminality and violence? Am I missing something?

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 09/07/2018 20:07  

I believe she has been identified by the Police but that's all I know so far. she will likely get a naughty girl badge to ware for 2 weeks

   Update Reply
JP @ 10/07/2018 01:16  

I'm very sad to say that the ambulance was damaged where I live and just up the road from my local, However well done to the Millwall Supporters Club has already raised more than £5,000 for the London Ambulance damaged in Borough High Street.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 10/07/2018 06:36  

I think Nickscafe had it right early on. We hear a few scare stories and the paranioa sets in. I see it a bit like predators and prey, each keep adapting to either catch or outwit the other. Bristol has a bad rep for this. I've updated all my security(Abus granite/alarm/immobiliser,etc).

The latest one I heard was they have been driving up to garages, attaching a rope from van to door and pulling the door off. I've attached a chain and lock to my bike to stop them forcing garage door open more than a few inches, but there's only so much I can do. Some say it's down to games like GTA, or is it bikes are easy targets.

I'm not sure what you can do if you're surrounded at lights, except just go if you see a gang approaching(I've got an anti jack immobiliser). Jeez as if bikers didn't have enough to concentrate on!

Here's a clip from Sau Paulo, at least it hasn't got this bad yet.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 09/10/2018 19:58  

I think if they are using a van to pull the doors open chaining the door to you bike will have no affect on it apart from your bike will be going down the road chained to a door chained to a van

   Update Reply
JP @ 31/10/2018 06:27  

Zen, you do what I was prepared to do when I was approached and threatened with having my bike taken...cut the engine, flip the kill switch, take your keys out, lay the bike down, activate the immobiliser, and chuck keys (obviously remembering where you threw em). Leave helmet on to protect your head.

Mind you, in this instance, telling the scrotes to come and try it if they thought they were up to taking me on (I wasn't polite with my terminology, as i'd had a particularly shit day and wasn't feeling well so just wasn't in the mood to play games) had the effect I needed, which was that they pissed off and left me alone.

they went for me as they thought as a female I was an easy target. I also, however, know how lucky I was.

this is the link to my original post in December 17 warning about what happened. Not too long ago, a biker had his bike taken by knife point not far from me. Only way is to be proactive in your own protection and safety, be aware of your surroundings, and those around you, use your mirrors etc etc.

That said your life isn't replacable, a bike is.

   Update Reply
rowanblossom @ 31/10/2018 13:36  

Rowan your just a bully lol

   Update Reply
JP @ 31/10/2018 14:38  

JP> I'm ahead of you on that scenario. Because I live in a notorious inner city area, the insurance company deny responsibility if my bike isn't in it's garage several miles away. Chaining the 550 LB lump is merely a way of stopping the door being opened easily(I know another Guzzi owner who has fitted shutter/side metal plates/double padlock system,..... in his back garden).

I let a woman who's property overlooks my garage, park her big Mercedes on the drive, in front of the door. It's her reserve car, and if I say I won't be up there in mid winter, she edges her car up against door. I also check to see no one is following me, just before I get near garage.

Rowan> yes it's definitely worth having a plan of action prepared in advance.

I know it's the sensible thing to do, give up the bike, if odds are against you. But a bike you've had and customised , for many years is almost a part of you. All they'd do is trash it, and torch it. If I see a gang of mopeds arriving, I'm off red light or not!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 31/10/2018 16:34  

Awww shucks JP you say the sweetest thing, but you know me well enough that flattery won't get you anything :-)

   Update Reply
rowanblossom @ 31/10/2018 17:27  

unfortunately not just kids on mopeds...………..went to RYKAS last weekend and around 11 adults,,,,, late thirtys,,,,,all tryes shredded and no number plates either and then roared of down the road ..
….unfortunately our government are to spineless to do anything to help our police.

   Update Reply
stutts @ 31/10/2018 20:26  

You could extend this question out to all gangs. The government and the police don't really know how to deal with them. Even locking them up, can make heroes of them, more cred and contacts. London and other cities seem the worst hit, and people don't seem to have solutions, they just blame supposed cuts to funding.

Although as I understand it more police are tackling crime on line, as well as keeping us safe(with Intelligence agencies) from threats like terrorism. Thankfully most criminals aren't too bright, and post their exploits online.

I still think because of the nature of the news(scare stories abound, and the media seems to enjoy stoking up fear), although obviously I accept that some of you have had personal experience.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 05/11/2018 14:58  

.... a flasher?? Ouch!!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 14/11/2018 10:50  

Luckily, your link seems to be working now, Lindsay. What an absolutely appalling crime. It is so terrible that this has happened and that things like this are STILL happening. That poor guy.


The 'Moped Crime Wave' that has become more than a 'wave' rather a 'tsunami'.

The attacks taking place in our Cities and Towns are horrific. It certainly makes you consider the potential risks taken ('popping into town' or commuting) by each and every member of the biking community. My thoughts are with those who have already suffered at the hands of these mindless idiots.

MAG are drawing up a plan of action to be shared with relevant groups this month, and at the next Home Office Anti-bike Crime Meeting hopefully it will be a full, frank, and open way towards dealing with the issues currently occurring.

As bikers, we owe it to ourselves to fight for our rights on the road and in society. To be able to ride without fear.

See link below for further detail;

Let's discuss in a rational way, not with our hearts (we all know what we would like to do with the lowlife scum!) is there a way forward? What's the answer?

   Update Reply
Lilliput26 @ 02/01/2019 19:36  

Where do i start, people trying to defend themselves, mad junky woman trying to jack car and this is small town in totton, hampshire, very close to me is a "halfway house" and that has caused a lot of issues with break ins and also the children are little thugs and cry wolf and I laugh at that, but at the age the police can't collar the little shits as under age, break ins are near enough every day, vehicle damage and the parents of the "child" basically don't give a toss, getting to a point I seriously think a private vigilante group will be set up

   Update Reply
jts34 @ 12/04/2019 22:08  

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