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NEW: Incomplete profiles to be filtered!

NEW: Incomplete profiles to be filtered! - Forums [Biker Match] NEW: Incomplete profiles to be filtered! - Forums [Biker Match]
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NEW: Incomplete profiles to be filtered!

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At the beginning of the weekend I made a change to the database. From now on all profiles will be filtered from the search pages if the profile contains 6 or more "Tell you later" boxes. Basically if you don't complete your profile then you can still use the site, but you won't get the visibility that other members get.

It's caught a couple of our regular members out already. Which is why I've also added it to the "Account progress" bar which pops up around the place. It will remind you to complete the profile if necessary.

I need to also apologise for doing it in a rush and not fully testing it. This made the profile searches pretty much unusable all weekend. Whooops, sorry. I've fixed it now though.

Feedback welcome below. Do you find 6 boxes too many, not enough, or just right?

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Matt @ 05/11/2017 19:54  

Sounds good to me - might encourage folk to complete their profiles. If someone can't be bothered to put anything more than "tell you later" then I can't be bothered to find out.

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Wannabe @ 05/11/2017 21:59  

What they said

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Deleted Member @ 05/11/2017 23:24  

Hi Happyface - welcome to the website! Hope you like it. Please feel free to send me any feedback you have

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Matt @ 06/11/2017 11:12  

Absolutely think this is great. Personally I don't see the point of doing the "I'll tell you later" thing. Why bother filling anything in at all ? I, like a lot on here, simply don't bother with faceless "ITYL" members.

If you can't be bothered to fill the questions in, then what makes you think that I'm going to be bothered and second, more importantly, it makes you look like you are hiding something, especially the question of whether you are single/married !

Put a piccie up and fill in the boxes. It isn't hard.

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rowanblossom @ 11/11/2017 06:34  

"Tell you later" is what the site says if you don't pick an option or write anything

I'm going to make an "activity" area where you can see views and nods, with photos. It's next on my list

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Matt @ 11/11/2017 11:42  

At last!!! of my pet hates is trawling through pages of lovely ladies,see someone who makes my pacemaker going pitterptoing!!(joking,no pacemaker)then clicking to read all about them,rows of 'tell you later'cools my interest faster than ice-cubes in my all those ladies who DO have their boxes filled in..................let me re-phrase that....who have completed all the sections,BRAVISSIMO,BELLA!!!

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jinx57 @ 11/11/2017 11:57  

And to all those daring to read my profile,sorry about the coma induced by that...:/>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 11/11/2017 11:58  

Lmfaooo at.... Ladies with their boxes filled in..... 😂 😂 😂 😂 jinx ya nutta 😀. X

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 03/12/2017 21:01  

A mere slip of the about a mere faux pas?

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 03/12/2017 21:16  

Tsk Tsk........ 😂 😂 😂.

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Deleted Member @ 03/12/2017 21:27  

Hahahaha, Jinx you had me at "ice-cubes in my Speedos"😂😉😁

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 03/12/2017 23:47  

Hahahahaha 😂 😂 😂. Yep that tickled me toooo 😋😋

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Deleted Member @ 04/12/2017 21:25  

Personally I would like it if profiles without a photo are not included in searches. I'm not into blind dating, and prefer to see who I'm getting messages from.

I don't mean that in a shallow way, as in if you're ugly I won't chat, I just mean I wouldn't speak to anyone who has their face covered so why expect me to do so on here?

Also, if you're attending a BM event, a photo helps others to recognise you when you turn up, provided it's an up to date photo.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 06/12/2017 07:49  

Searches already by default exclude people without a main profile picture.
You have to uncheck the box to enable profiles in searches that have no profile.
It's always been this way ;-)

   Update Reply
Matt @ 06/12/2017 12:40  

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