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NEW: Birthdays

NEW: Birthdays - Forums [Biker Match] NEW: Birthdays - Forums [Biker Match]
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NEW: Birthdays

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New page just for birthdays:

Also available under Menu > Events > Today's Birthdays
Matt @ 23/10/2017 15:12  

Mine's on the 3rd of March,2018...:)>
jinx57 @ 23/10/2017 19:22  

What date is it on the other years?
yarg @ 23/10/2017 19:37  

That's a secret...i can tell you,but i'd have to kill you afterwards,see my secretary for an appointment..:)>
jinx57 @ 23/10/2017 20:05  

Whoo, Matty Boss Man - that's fab. Looks great. 👍👍👌

And what a lot o birthday lads n lasses! 109! What a shame out of 109, 52 are faceless with no profile pic..... that is a lot o anonymous folk.
Catkins @ 23/10/2017 23:10  

Happy birthday, Heidi! 😸😽 have the best of days xxx
Catkins @ 24/10/2017 00:21  

Hapy birthday to everyone celebrating today

rowanblossom @ 24/10/2017 06:10  

Indeed it's a lot. I don't restrict it anymore to photo-only profiles. it only restricts to people who at least have their account AND profile enabled.

But what a good opportunity to reach out to folks and encourage them to add a photo! I hope you will all make good use of it and send a nice message to those having birthdays.

Please keep this topic specifically to discuss problems with the new birthdays page.

For generic birthday wishes etc, please use the other forum topic/category.

Matt @ 24/10/2017 11:11  

Hey Matt

I quite like the new listing of birthdays, much easier than the old way. 👏

Although it does amaze me how many profiles without photos there are 😮

C'mon peeps put a photo up, anonymity isn't the best way forward. Let's be seeing ya fisog! 😉
Lindsay @ 26/10/2017 07:42  

If any of you have time, it would appreciate if you could drop folks a personal "happy birthday" message.
Maybe also push folks to put up a photo if they haven't already.

It will be a nice way to get back older members of the site who have been inactive for so long.

My mailshots about the new website have had limited success sadly.
Matt @ 26/10/2017 13:11  

😊 on the case, Matty Boss Man 👍
Catkins @ 26/10/2017 13:40  

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