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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

York Micklegate Soapbox Challenge - Bank Holiday Monday

York Micklegate Soapbox Challenge - Bank Holiday Monday (1) - Forums [Biker Match] York Micklegate Soapbox Challenge - Bank Holiday Monday (1) - Forums [Biker Match]
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York Micklegate Soapbox Challenge - Bank Holiday Monday

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Only found out bout this event today. Was first one last year n was great success. Free event. 2nd Autohorn Micklegate Soapbox Challenge. Races start at 10 a.m. til 6 p.m. Charity event with fifty teams competing, each doing two runs down the bumpitty cobblestones o Micklegate. Last year's homemade carts included a giant hyperdermic needle; a unicorn; a bathtub and a market stall. Food court. 11 mtr screens. Fairground rides on Ouse Bridge. Live music from Huge. Weather looking to be fine. Sounds a larf......

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Catkins @ 27/08/2017 15:43  

Ooo, that was worth going to. Really well organised. Hadn't expected the great scaffolded structure at the top o Micklegate pon which the soapboxes were launched with gusto. The bridge over the Ouse was closed to, with a fairground pon it, that was a first for York!. Posh cars and posher boats down by the river. But weather was glorious and attendance was high. Great to see such a joint community effort pull together such a grand and fun event. Fastest times down the cobbles vaired from over two minutes to well under thirty seconds. Well done to anyone who had a hand in organising the derby. And Micklegate was a splendid setting for the run.

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Catkins @ 28/08/2017 19:25  

Maybe an official BikerMatch soapbox next year?

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Wills @ 28/08/2017 23:20  

Well Wills!! that would be a novel and a great idea

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Roughrider02 @ 29/08/2017 09:04  

Back from the 2018 Soapbox Derby n enjoying a cuppa at home while I sift through today's piccies.....

Another all round fabulous day!! This event just goes from strength to strength. It is soooo well organised with loads to do. The Micklegate Business Initiative have worked really hard, along with everyone else to pull together this great charity event.

All the teams throw themselves into it with gusto. There's something about beings amongst the throngs of happy strangers packing Micklegate, all laughing their heads off at the antics.

Great for kids and families. Huge range of food and drink available, happy carnival atmosphere. This is the second one I have been to, as missed the first year, n it is tremendous fun.

This time the fairground on Ouse Bridge extended up the street n around the corner. So much work n prep has gone into this event.

For folk who don't know York, Micklegate is its steep n long street with accompanying cobbles, which makes the hurtle downhill more bumpy for the soapboxes.

Worth seeing n going to, is this! 😁😀👍

Oh.... N the weather wasn't so bad. Not as gorgeous as last year but a few drizzly patches, warm with sunny spells. So certainly nowhere near a washout.

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Catkins @ 27/08/2018 15:48  

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