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You guys ever organised a European camping trip? Would anyone be game next year? I did south of France and bit of the Alps via the chunnel this year and loved it...

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Deleted Member @ 24/08/2017 10:41  

There are plenty of members that do camping, as can be seen on the events photos from U.K. rallies.
Vladimir did France with others this year but think they used accommodation.
There have been others over the years, there is nothing stopping you posting it as an event then drumming up some takers, wish you well with it.
I go camping to European MotoGP meetings but it doesn't seem to appeal to the members here.

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555byker @ 24/08/2017 12:40  

Hi Alpinetiger a fair few friends have done Europe. I've done Ireland couple of times with friends to go watch the Skerrie road races and also done France as pilly but stayed with friends and accommodation never done camping whilst touring but one i plane on doing next year all been well.

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Deleted Member @ 24/08/2017 13:19  

Hi Guiness, awesome, who do you normally go with? I did a bit of glamping too which was good. You get the best of both worlds.

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Deleted Member @ 24/08/2017 15:59  

We did a bit of France this year, to take in HellFest (at Clisson).  It didn't go quite as planned, due to health circumstances, so three were on bikes and myself n Stuie were in the car!  Not ideal by any standard but we still had a great time. Saw plenty of lovely countryside, fab roads, castles etc as well as awesome music at HellFest.

Weather was freakishly HOT and time ran away with us, so didn't get to Nantes to see mechanical animals :( but hey the experience in France was amazing. 

We plan to try again sometime, maybe next Summer. 

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Lindsay @ 24/08/2017 16:22  

I could create an event but would really love some feedback from anyone who is interested - im no expert and have only done it once. Im thinking Santander 24hr ferry and back up through France over a few weeks. Doesnt have to be camping all the way...

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Deleted Member @ 24/08/2017 18:10  

We found Channel really good, well at least I did, as I ain't good on ferries! Lol

Hopefully you will get plenty of feedback on here.   Sounds like a plan!   Check out Bikers Guide for places to stay, that's where I found La Lune, it was beautiful and great price for BnB,  They offer evening meals too, which includes as much alcohol as you can drink!   

Vladamir organised a tour this year, and there was several happy BMers at the end of the week.  Have a chat with some of them, you can find their details on the Event under attendees. 

Good Luck!

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Lindsay @ 24/08/2017 18:17  

Thank you. I dont mind the tunnel, last time i was L bent on getting to Marseille and did it in two days which was hard going. I like the idea of getting off the other side of the country. But yeah give me suggestions...

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Deleted Member @ 24/08/2017 18:37  

I went with friends but due to circumstances changing I know next year I'll be unable to have the time off as it's in school time so all my travels now will have to be taken in the school holidays.

Also I'd love to discover more of the UK now finally on big girls bike

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Deleted Member @ 24/08/2017 21:18  

I've run BM Euro tours for years now on here but tend to stick with hotels rather than tents. 4 of us BM'ers are away this weekend to South of France then the Alps

Best way if to post the trip into events putting all info on ferry/tunnel and dates etc. The folk can add themselves but make sure they book or pay themselves as a BM member let me down a few weeks ago nearly leaving me short

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madscots @ 30/08/2017 23:43  

I like Beds and Bathrooms too much to camp .

Myself and a few friends have done Europe for the past couple of years, but just tour randomly with no itinerary, stop where we like, and then use a really great App to find a Hotel for the night.

This year we did Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France. No fast riding, just lazy 'B' road touring, but included half-a-dozen stunning alpine passes and a couple of days on the Med in the Cote d'Azur.

So I'm always up for a trip, but not staying in a tent

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Deleted Member @ 31/08/2017 08:27  

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