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Squires Christmas Do

Squires Christmas Do - Forums [Biker Match] Squires Christmas Do - Forums [Biker Match]
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Squires Christmas Do

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A: yes

B: I'm the wrong side of the Pennines

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Wills @ 06/08/2017 21:28  

Hi Catkins I am interested in the Crimbo "do" but do not have the "local contacts knowledge " that Alice did. If she has the time may I suggest Lindsay be asked if she has the time to help organise this ?

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Quietman2 @ 06/08/2017 21:35  

I've done nearly all the Crimbo events at Squires, but I'm at the wrong end of the M62 to start organising things. But I'll be there,and if there's owt I can help with from 70-odd miles away, I will.

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Wills @ 06/08/2017 23:45  

Depending on dates I would be there for lunch but I'm unable to sort out the event due to the 112 miles from Brum

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JP @ 07/08/2017 10:47  

I would prefer NOT to organise it, as although I turn up to catch up with folk, I don't eat there. Every time I have done so, I've ended up not very well!

Sorry folks but it's not for me.

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Lindsay @ 07/08/2017 13:28  

Hey Linz

Just a thought

Do you know of anywhere else near to squires that could be an alternative venue?

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Deleted Member @ 07/08/2017 21:12  

Is there an update for this event?
Sadly I can't organise this myself but if someone else is willing to, at Squires, then I will attend/ show my support.
If you want to know anything about the organising side of the previous xmas lunches at Squires contact Alice2, she did us proud for several years. Thank you Alice x

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Sandi @ 08/10/2017 08:55  

Been told Bill may be interested if he can get some help on the day with stuff

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JP @ 19/10/2017 08:52  

I may be able to help

   Update Reply
Karey @ 21/10/2017 00:09  

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