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old school values

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old school values

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our training school has been going since 1976 ,, well before any legal rules were introduced ... in 1990 cbt was made law ,, we was ready and had fully qualified instructors in place to implement the new law ... like wise when the pursuit test was introduced, and yet again when direct access come into law ,, and again when the laws changed with the new format we have at the moment (mod 1 ,,,, mod2) 3 different class of bike licence .. .. we will not lower our standard of teaching to speed up cbt passes or lucky full licence passes ,,, this will be our downfall , because everyone is in a rush . but when schools like us are gone , were gone for ever .... ohh did I forget to mention ,myself and my instructors turn up to teach you for the love of it ,, we don't ask for a wage ,,, and that's "OLD SCHOOL "

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buzz_sp1 @ 10/06/2017 02:58  

Ah...i remember the old days with RAC/ACU course being the foundation for so many of us ...hearing kids saying that they could not do weave through cones on a 125,so showing them on a Norton Commando,or Sunday afternoons riding around 3 counties with police sergeants on Beemers...happy daze...agree,everybody seems to be in too much of a hurry these bike test consisted of riding three sides of a road triangle,emergency stop on 3rd side,preferably without skidding and some road sign recognition questions,but still here after 40-odd years,keep on turning them out the right way,Buzz,best wishes

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jinx57 @ 10/06/2017 23:51  

let anybody ride anything, remove all standards and reduce health and safety, natural selection should take care of the rest haha

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cmd @ 11/06/2017 22:48  

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