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Christmas party 2017

Christmas party 2017 - Forums [Biker Match] Christmas party 2017 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Christmas party 2017

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Ok I know its still a long way off but we need to know if there is enough interest in this before we start booking rooms and DJs.

This is just a rough outline,
Party will be on a saturday night with DJ and bar till midnight all being well.

Cost should be about £4.00 per head to get in the door this is to cover the DJ and room hire, Any left over will be split into raffle prizes.

Hotels will need to be booked by yourself but we will sort out some details and locations.

Dates we try and hit the NEC Bike show so you can take that in at the same time.

So all we need to know is if your interested in us setting this in motion a few of you have been to them in the past and as far as I know you all got drunk so it must have worked right lol.

JP @ 05/06/2017 18:06  

Sounds good to me, if you go for the first weekend (18th) of the Bike Show I'll need to book the Sunday off work, but the second weekend (25th) I'm off already

Come on Folks last year ended up a no go because a lot of folks would say Ya or Nay
Ragnar @ 05/06/2017 19:03  

Ok 2nd sat will give the bargin sunday for those that like to haggle with the traders
JP @ 05/06/2017 19:36  

Count us 2 in please
shelleygirl @ 05/06/2017 21:17  

This will be my first BM Christmas Bash :) But I will need to know how far I've gotta travel before I can say yes :)
Deleted Member @ 05/06/2017 21:55  

We have used a place in south Birmingham in the past.
JP @ 06/06/2017 03:12  

Brum hallowistmas was my first ever bm event great time had and not looked back since so roll on this one JP
smiler2964 @ 06/06/2017 20:30  

Smiler I remember it so well lol not sure if this will be fancy dress or not but we will need at least 60 to make this event happen so come on get your self on the list by posting your interest
JP @ 09/06/2017 19:10  

25 November? I'd like to give this one a whirl please.
Catkins @ 09/06/2017 20:08  

You will be welcome to come as long as you promiss to have a laugh drink plenty and not fall over too early lol.

JP @ 10/06/2017 06:51  

Ok JP yes, yes and yes, n now what promise can I extract from you... just a girt big bear hug when we meet. See you and at least 59 other BM'ers on t 25th then.
Catkins @ 10/06/2017 09:11  

I will try and stay off the S/C untill after I have given you a hug
JP @ 11/06/2017 08:17  

Old Un you reckon thats an option lol
Brummie Jackie @ 11/06/2017 15:08  

More chance of me staying sobor than you getting drunk
JP @ 11/06/2017 19:41  

Deleted Member @ 11/06/2017 21:06  

Right in the middle of weekend nights...... I'll see if I can sort something
VFR800AJ @ 12/06/2017 00:03  

Oh im definitely in for this one and i hope its dress up, such a good laugh.
Might even put my teeth back in for this one JP lol
smiler2964 @ 12/06/2017 11:59  

Debs if you do make sure i am not standing near him lol
Brummie Jackie @ 12/06/2017 16:37  

whys that Jackie, im sure he will behave with the utmost decorum
smiler2964 @ 14/06/2017 14:07  

Looks good..count me in :)
Joey05 @ 14/06/2017 19:02  

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