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Paging through photographs

Paging through photographs - Forums [Biker Match] Paging through photographs - Forums [Biker Match]
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Paging through photographs

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Is there, or could there be a facility for paging through photographs ? Or am I missing something ? Any ideas ?

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VFR800AJ @ 02/04/2017 18:04  

Personaly I think Matt is trying to get away from pics on here as there is no option for adding pics to threads anymore so threads like the Stolen bike is now a waste of time. Events thread headers with pics were great as we could add the event poster as a header for the thread whice is a shame as it always looked good and attracted members to the events

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JP @ 02/04/2017 18:51  

Matt disabled the option to add pics to topics, because some of them distorted the page because of their size. He spent a lot of time resizing them.

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Sandi @ 02/04/2017 19:17  

I like JP's comment - I agree with the principle of it. Pics within the events section are still OK though, right? I thought I saw an option for them.

@Sandi - it should be possible to set a default size (dimensions) for an uploaded image - as well as format (jpg, gif, png, etc) and image size in kb/Mb.
Otherwise, they get automatically rejected at time of upload by user.
Alternatively, would the admin team - such as yourself - consider taking on requests to handle images?
System could queue them to administrators who could then validate and upload to events or specific subjects.
Forum topics can get supercrowded fast with lots of pics, so appreciate why not as a norm.
Stolen vehicles, though - that could be a special consideration, for example?

@VFR800AJ - are you referring to scrolling through pictures on profiles?

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nickscafe @ 03/04/2017 00:08  

I can appreciate the problem, it's something I've encountered in the past with folks adding or embedding 10 to 20Mb.
People should to learn how to reduce the image size prior to uploading them or if uploading is the only plan take them at a lower resolution in the first place.

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Steve_H @ 03/04/2017 06:56  

Nick some valid comments there but just one incorrect comment, I'm not admin, haven't been for a few years now. I used to look after the calendar. The calendar is the place for event photos, or individual's are able to add them to their own profile albums. I agree with the comment about stolen bikes thread being allowed to add photos.
Steve I agree, if folk upload photos they should resize before adding them.

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Sandi @ 03/04/2017 22:05  


Scrolling through photos on events eg The York night out
You can do it on profile pics, why not event photos ?

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VFR800AJ @ 03/04/2017 22:09  

Yeah...see what you mean. Are they always like that (York)? Can't find any others to compare.
My best guess would be that there are extra links embedded with each image, so it's configured differently to profile / album photos.
Resolutions are different, too.
There must be lots of server space being soaked up with images, me thinks

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nickscafe @ 03/04/2017 23:20  

Photos in the forums are unnecessarily messy. Yes it's helpful for the odd topic but not most. The majority of forum topics do not need photos. Hence it's better to just remove the posibility to add them because of all the trouble they caused (my god they caused me a headache! People just copy/pasting loads of HTML and images from other websites, destroying the BM layout).

For stolen bikes: Add images to a new album in your profile. Create a forum topic and say "check out photos in my profile."

For events posters etc - add images to the calendar.

About paging through images - It's something I aim to have possible for the new BM design I'm working on. Probably released end of summer

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Matt @ 10/04/2017 21:58  

Were Missing the bike porn !

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Gingeee @ 15/05/2017 22:09  

mmmm bike porn

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kaycat @ 16/05/2017 16:03  

I just go down the garage and open the door...:)>

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jinx57 @ 16/05/2017 22:49  

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