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Technical Motorbike Help


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After your opinions. I,ve taken my down pipes off to clean up and was going to spray them black (with high heat resistant paint). I,ve been told it will look ok for a short while then start peeling off or chipping. Whats peoples opinions please
smiler2964 @ 21/02/2017 21:39  

Get as good a 'key' for the paint as possible,by using coarse 'wet and dry' paper,try using VHT(Very High Temperature) gloss black paint,but i've also found this is quite short-lived in our stuff i've found so far for staying power was Satin Black Barbeque Paint from B&Q...Cheaper than dedicated bike shop or car accessory places stuff...some places that advertise in Classic Bike Magazine do offer 'Black Chrome' plating...dearest,but most long lived finish...check out prices for your bike for Stainless Steel Replica pipes via Classic Bike too...lifetime of low some frontpipes on a Guzzi that were made 30-odd years ago...You pays yer money,and takes yer choice...:)>
jinx57 @ 23/02/2017 20:24  

Thanks Jinx
A friend has suggested stove paint too.
They,ve had a good rub down and dont look too bad but stillgot it in my head to have them black.
smiler2964 @ 23/02/2017 22:06  

wrap them instead
dannyacer @ 23/02/2017 23:18  

Best long term answer but not cheap is ceramic coating
Krisbiker @ 24/02/2017 03:11  

Thanks guys
Never heard of ceramic coating one to Google.
smiler2964 @ 24/02/2017 06:49  

Ceramic coating is the way to go but as said before it's not cheap. I've had good results with VHT paint in satin black on engine cases and baked on as per instructions. The exhaust would need to be well keyed for the paint to adhere.
Imola72 @ 24/02/2017 21:55  

If you're going Ceramic, try Zircotec.
Cornholio @ 14/03/2017 15:53  

Jinx, I'm just gonna inbox you
Cornholio @ 14/03/2017 15:54  

 Posts: 9       Pages: 1/1

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