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Heated grips

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Heated grips

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Need some input from experienced winter bikers!!-does anyone know or recommend which are the best heated grips to buy and tank bags ?--much appreciated

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Deleted Member @ 15/02/2017 11:07  

Tank bags- recommend baglux. Lots of people seem to like the Oxford hotgrips but I have my own personal custom ones so no actual experience of them I'm afraid.

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Krisbiker @ 15/02/2017 11:53  

Heated grips. don't have these, I know a lot do.

I have heated inner gloves (lithium battery operated) (Kies) which are brilliant. Not cheap, but heat the whole hand and my wrists. There are several other versions of heated gloves, both inner and outer. Just make sure they are waterproof.
I also have handlebar muffs on the bike. This cuts the wind chill and wet gloves problem out. They may not look cool, but I don't care about that as long as hands are dry and warm. Again loads of different ones on ebay

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rowanblossom @ 15/02/2017 14:00  

Many thanks -will look into them ,felt as if my hands had come out of a freezer ..after riding this month !--roll on spring!

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Deleted Member @ 15/02/2017 17:16  

Set of Oxford 5 stage heated grips came with my bike. Couldn't live without them, as I can't fit muffs.

Those combined with Weiss Legend winter gloves, and I don't feel a thing. Actually get colder when I get off the bike.

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mr christian @ 15/02/2017 17:32  

Hi Genivere
Welcome to BM.
Oxford heated grips are very good, But one big drawback with any heated grips they only heat your palm and in town riding you lose a lot of heat using the controls and on a run your palms get nice and warm but the back of the hand gets cold and here comes another but,
If you use heated grips with bar muffs your hands become like nice light brown butter toast.
However not of people like bar muffs because they spoil the look of the bike and can make it hard to use the buttons.
Hope this helps.

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Ragnar @ 15/02/2017 17:44  

Have to agree about the Heated Grips only heating the palms of your hands, but that's better than nothing.

I like to wear the thin latex gloves as liners in winter time, now matter how good the gloves seem the wind and rain eventually get through, and I find keeping the hands dry and out of the wind is a great help, and a set of BMW heated grips ... toasty

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Deleted Member @ 15/02/2017 19:47  

Oxfords work for me, not the cheapest out there but warm enough and easy to fit.

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Steve_H @ 15/02/2017 20:20  

Can't recommend make but recommend having them, got genuine Triumph ones on my Street triple, first and only time I've had heated grips and they're brill! Fitted some hand guards too, as people have said the outside of your hands get cold and having guards makes a big difference. Hope you get sorted.

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red_daytona @ 15/02/2017 21:27  

Thanks for the replies ..much appreciated x

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Deleted Member @ 15/02/2017 21:29  

Have asked for Rowan blossoms suggestion and the Oxford ones for my 58th birthday next week ,,so l should get sorted !!...

Who would have thought riding a bike age thing l have ever done !

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Deleted Member @ 15/02/2017 21:38  

You're a spring chicken, a few years back I taught a lady to ride for her 65 birthday, it did take two goes to complete her CBT and I know that two years later she renewed her CBT.

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Ragnar @ 15/02/2017 22:20  

Had Oxford heated grips on an Aprillia Caponord and are the best I have had. far better than the standard BMW ones I had on my GS. Good value as well.

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Jim2463 @ 16/02/2017 21:23  

I've never had heated grips on a bike,one of my Triumphs('94 900 Tiger) has hand shields(brush guards) as standard and these keep most of the wind chill at bay,always okay in winter with good quality Richa gloves,my Speed Triple has cheap Chinese universal guards fitted for winter,not quite as effective as handlebar muffs,i suspect,but easier for me to use with duff fingers and wrist..tried a Tiger Sport with heated grips,wasn't very impressed...all only my personal findings,everyone has there own preferences,of course..:)>

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jinx57 @ 16/02/2017 22:33  

Nice one geniveve

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VFR800AJ @ 17/02/2017 03:21  

Nice one?

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Deleted Member @ 17/02/2017 21:56  

depends a bit what riding you do, stop start on and of bike heated gloves a pain, grips are better but to get the best heat out of grips you really need handlebar muffs as well otherwise backs of your hands can still be a bit cold, probably oxford grips as good as any, tank bags baster are pretty good but a tad overpriced to my mind but each unto his/her own

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Deleted Member @ 17/02/2017 22:25  

I have Oxford ones on my TRX and factory fitted BMW ones on my GS.... make a big difference.... if your doing add ons make sure wired into ignition then you can't forget to turn them off (prevents embarrassing non start due to flat battery when forget!)

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STORM666 @ 22/02/2017 21:01  

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