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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Weekend Camp at The Barge Inn, Wiltshire.

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Weekend Camp at The Barge Inn, Wiltshire.

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Interested, so tentative yes from me too .:)
feylin @ 11/01/2017 11:56  

Sadly other plans are taking shape over this weekend.
I can tell you that it's a great little pub (just hope that they don't have a dub reggae band on, to much sound in the room they was playing)
Ragnar @ 11/01/2017 18:40  

I remember doing a Italian Bike Rally at this pub,many years ago,and place was full of old hippies and crop circle types,so i'll fit in fine,put me down for a plot..:)>
jinx57 @ 11/01/2017 21:12  

It still is
Ragnar @ 11/01/2017 21:57  

Am new but got to start somewhere...will be good to meet you...I'm in
Original66 @ 18/01/2017 21:40  

Is there a list for this or has it been put on events?
Lindsay @ 18/01/2017 22:49  

Im interested in this too

gsxr750sexyeyes Cadwell bsb is the following weekend, bank holiday weekend.
smiler2964 @ 19/01/2017 13:30  

Its not, moved it this year
Deleted Member @ 19/01/2017 14:27  

I'm getting in touch with the Barge Inn so i can get all the correct pitch prices and any other info before i submit it to the calendar. They have'nt updated their website for this year yet, as soon as i hear back i'll get this on the calendar
DAVE VM @ 19/01/2017 19:09  

Yes please put my name down Dave
ermintrude @ 21/01/2017 15:14  

It's a long haul from up here, but I might tempted if I can get a long weekend off.
When is it going on the events page?
Steve_H @ 22/01/2017 16:23  

Still waiting to hear back from The Barge Inn with the correct information as i don't want to put the wrong details on the calendar.
The Barge has'nt updated it's website for this year yet.
As soon as i hear back from them i will submit this to the calendar.
DAVE VM @ 22/01/2017 18:54  

I fancy the weekend camping at The Barge Inn, certainly sounds inviting on a cold wet dark Friday night in Feb. Just checked the camping website and It's still closed.
Motorbike50 @ 03/02/2017 18:43  

I'd be interested, nice place, and fantastic views around there.
i bought a Bike from a bloke that camped there just before Xmas
Grey beard @ 04/02/2017 17:30  

There looks like a group of 6(ish) of us are up for this one Dave Will confirm definite numbers as soon as you have obtained full details from the pub.

We are hoping to turn this weekend into a longer holibob taking in Dorset. Devon & Cornwall. Not looked into possibilities as yet but hopefully you will get the info soon and we can start planning playtime!
Lindsay @ 05/02/2017 18:06  

Yep definately interested in this so i can annoy Dave if nothing else lol
Brummie Jackie @ 07/02/2017 09:20  

Just because Chris can't make this event does'nt mean i'm next in the queue for you to practice your annoying skills Jackie, looks as though i will be anyway !!!.
DAVE VM @ 07/02/2017 18:10  

If bj picking on you she s leaving the rest of us alone
shelleygirl @ 07/02/2017 18:31  

I have plenty to go round lol
Brummie Jackie @ 07/02/2017 20:13  

That's what i was afraid you would say, Flamin Nora !!!
DAVE VM @ 07/02/2017 22:56  

 Posts: 73       Pages: 2/4

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