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Night Out In Chester

Night Out In Chester (1) - Forums [Biker Match] Night Out In Chester (1) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Night Out In Chester

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Putting the feelers out..... Anyone up for a BM night out in Chester? Some scram followed by lots o beery substances in lovely watering holes with great company....? If enough folk interested in this night out hopefully this can get up n running. I live in York but am often back in my home city. Dates? Suggestions? Or just lob your name down for a beer meet up. Anyone new to the sight, come along n meet some new faces n get to know some of us BM'ers. Was thinking sooner rather than later. Chester served well with trains for any Liverpool contingent who fancy a night out in me lovely home city. Hope to see a few of you! I'll be there any road up! :))

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Catkins @ 31/12/2016 06:44  

Definitely up for that, especially after having done a recce yesterday. Hic!

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Wills @ 31/12/2016 17:06  

sounds like a great idea to meet the locals, alot of the BM get togethers seem to be either daaaan sarf or oop norf, which quite frankly i cba travelling too.

so i'm in if my shifts fall into place with the date that suits everyone.

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mikedabike @ 31/12/2016 17:09  

Ooo goodiohs. Thanks for the interest n support chaps. Early stages at the mo so can be quite flexible tbh. Poss on a Saturday mebbe meet up lunchtime - early pm. Drinkies. Hic to you too, Wills! :) N lots o good eaterie places in fair city o Chester n then further imbibing n merriment in some more beery establishments for the evening. Anyone wanting to make a weekend of it - could also adapt to fit.

Anyone got days / dates that are deffo out that they can't do cos, as said, am flexible at mo?

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Catkins @ 31/12/2016 17:27  

Hey Great !! I'll be up for that any dates suit me an it would be good to meet some peeps great idea !!

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Roughrider02 @ 31/12/2016 17:35  

Oh dear! Hey sorry bout the double post

   Update Reply
Roughrider02 @ 31/12/2016 17:35  

So is that two of you coming then, RR02? Lol lol :))

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 31/12/2016 17:36  

Count me in!!

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Bwana Mrefu @ 31/12/2016 18:13  

The BM'ers are amassing, lol. :) Will put it through for events once we've got a date. Can everyone so far do a Saturday n thinking a Saturday in Jan or Feb....?

Any newbies interested? Any laydeeze out there...? All welcome :)

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Catkins @ 31/12/2016 21:02  

I am a lady and only an hour or so from Chester.

   Update Reply
NelGSXR750 @ 01/01/2017 08:55  

I'm up for it... depending on the date

   Update Reply
Ian2690 @ 01/01/2017 09:26  

Dam, it would have been good to have 'session' around my home town again but we're not down there again until the end of March for Mothers day duties!

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centurion @ 01/01/2017 10:40  

Centurion - if this is successful, is a meet up that could become a regular event. So if you do miss out on this one, keep checking threads n calendar for any news. I'll pm any interested bods anyhoos. :)

Weekend 25/26 March (Mothering Sunday) is oot anyhoos as clashes with Manchester Bike Show.

January not looking so promising but here's some poss dates for folk to chew over: -

Are these dates ok / problematic for anyone?

Saturday 11 Feb
Saturday 18 Feb
Saturday 4/11/18 March

All feedback appreciated + of course anyone else who's interested...


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Catkins @ 02/01/2017 11:26  

Hi Catkins I'm up for this

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newbikerchick @ 02/01/2017 19:56  

Great! Just collating dates n feedback, newbikerchick! :)

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 02/01/2017 21:16  

Will see if I can make it when you have a date set

   Update Reply
JP @ 03/01/2017 09:12  

I am in no matter which date you select hun. Looking forward to it already, can make a weekend of it, especially after the pubs I visited when I had the car with me :-(

   Update Reply
Whacker @ 03/01/2017 18:45  

the old boot inn is cheap! less than £2 for a pint of bitter/mild if you drink that.

   Update Reply
Bluey1450 @ 03/01/2017 19:27  

Hello Bluey1450 - there be two Sam Smiths pubs in Chester n both are on t agenda for this meet. Boot Inn up in the Rows and the Falcon doon on crossroads of Bridge St n Lower Bridge Street. Both goodly pubs. N plenty more beery establishments.

A few moons ago, I did do the Chester Day Dash...... ho hum, thereby hangs a few tales, lol.

Hope you can make it, folks, will be going up on calendar sooniohs. Mild = 2.8% and is about £1.35 a pint :)))

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 03/01/2017 19:37  

So I found out when I had my car with me :-( lol

   Update Reply
Whacker @ 03/01/2017 19:38  

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