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Poor Attention To Detail??/Comments invited

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Poor Attention To Detail??/Comments invited

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I received an Email at 10:00 today(Saturday 19Th) from BM ,informing me that "your suscription has now ended,your account has therefore been downgraded..."
Sounded wrong,so i checked "My Account" on the site,i'm apparently paid up until the 30th this month...if this 'bum's rush' approach is intended to spur me into renewing immediately,it's not going to work...
In fact i have contacted Matt with an inquiry into a joint membership a while back,no reply yet...
As i've never had a 'nudge in the ribs' Email on here before,would anybody else care to comment??OR are we seeing 'pressure selling ' on our own favourite site,heaven forfend such a thing...UNHAPPY BUNNY no.1(or am i such a pain in the Arse,they'd like me to leave?lol)

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jinx57 @ 19/11/2016 18:16  

Oh,and i'm still posting on forums happily ,so how far have i been 'downgraded'??

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jinx57 @ 19/11/2016 18:24  

Im wondering if its a scam e-mail trying to get money into some other account ? Matt you need to check this out now not next week

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JP @ 20/11/2016 13:21  

I could be wrong but aren't forums available to everyone now? If so you'd still have access to forums even if you'be been downgraded.

I'm sure it's either a) a scam or b) an error with a date in a database somewhere. It's probably not personal lol. I don't think you're that much of a pain in the arse

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HD3FXD @ 20/11/2016 15:36  

Just had a thought while I was falling asleep in the bath lol. Is it to do with 10 days free membership e.g. your paid membership has technically expired but become ex tended by a freebie?

If that's the case, a warning your membership is about to expire email might be nice, if possible before the blunt, you're expired downgrade email???

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HD3FXD @ 20/11/2016 18:42  

Its the 'free 10 day 10th Anniversary upgrade' that has come to an end today. Everyone reverts back to the status they had beforehand

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Deleted Member @ 20/11/2016 20:25  

In Theory,then, i should not be getting this email,as i'm paid up until the 30th..still none the wiser(nowt new there,lol) :/>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 20/11/2016 22:08  

It's because of the 10 free days.

You paid until the 20th but got 10 days extra for free.

However, because your payment expired you got the email automatically. I totally overlooked this possibility when planning the free upgrade.

The good news is that your account has NOT downgraded and is indeed running for the 10 extra days. The email was just triggered automatically and you can disregard it.

Thanks for supporting the site! It helps very much

   Update Reply
Matt @ 21/11/2016 10:49  

mercy buckets,i'm humbled..xx

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 21/11/2016 11:31  

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