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Evening out in the North.

Evening out in the North. - Forums [Biker Match] Evening out in the North. - Forums [Biker Match]
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Evening out in the North.

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KC and myself are thinking of having an evening out around the Manchester/Bolton area. I am thinking in terms of March/April to kick start the new events season. Now I need to know what people would prefer. Would you like an evening in a pub with a jukebox or perhaps a music venue where the music is loud and the bodies are sweaty? Costs will vary according to type of venue chosen. Obviously there will be no cost if you go for the jukebox option, except your beer tokens and accommodation if you need it, the music venue will have a door entry fee, normally something in the region of £5-£10 depending on what band is on where. I will look into cheap hotels etc if enough people are interested. Let me or KC know if you are interested. 66
double six @ 13/10/2016 09:03  

Would love to join you if I was still living over that way.... but a bit too far for me now
Matt @ 13/10/2016 11:51  

What?? dead easy, fly from Schiphol to Manchester, party on and fly back next day. Nothing impossible Matt. Hahaha. Think of it as easter prezzie for Marsha.
double six @ 13/10/2016 17:12  

Hi 66, I would be interested in either option :-)
Whacker @ 13/10/2016 18:50  

I'd be interested too...depending on dates..
Triple955 @ 13/10/2016 19:09  

Hey D6 sounds a good idea!! i would be interested in either option  
Roughrider02 @ 13/10/2016 21:09  

So far so good, I really didn't expect anyone to show any interest just yet but I am pleased to have kindled some anyway. Hopefully we will have a good turn out this time round. I will do a bit of investigating as to what entertainment is on and when and will post more with a few suggestions in due course. Watch this space!
double six @ 13/10/2016 22:59  

Like the sound of this. Midlanders and Scots will be treated humanely
Wills @ 13/10/2016 23:41  

Indeed Wills, just like the No Kissing weekend, there is no regional bar for this event. Everyone is welcome to turn out for it.
double six @ 14/10/2016 07:47  

good to see the interest way hay
kaycat @ 15/10/2016 17:00  

Getting a lot of interest in this event, I was told this afternoon by a standard member they are interested in attending. Looks like KC and me are going to need a big venue for this one!! haha
double six @ 17/10/2016 01:03  

I am thinking if this event goes well I might arrange one for the white rose side of the Pennines, what does everyone think?
double six @ 17/10/2016 19:29  

Count me in Kev if i can get up there
DAVE VM @ 19/10/2016 19:46  

Aye, double six, thumbs up from me.
Catkins @ 19/10/2016 21:10  

Sounds good D6 be good to see everyone again
Joey05 @ 20/10/2016 07:00  

KC and myself will start plans for this event this weekend. More details will follow as we have them. Thanks to everyone expressing interest.
double six @ 20/10/2016 21:03  

Always up for a boogy and beer !!
Alice2 @ 13/11/2016 21:14  

Yep, up for this but your choices are limited in Bolton
SlowGoose @ 16/11/2016 19:45  

Add me too
smiler2964 @ 17/11/2016 13:13  

Thanks for all the recent interest in this forth coming event. We would appreciate a bit more feedback on what type of venue we should be looking for. Do you want a pub with a jukebox or a live music venue with a band on?

66 & KC.
double six @ 17/11/2016 16:56  

 Posts: 35       Pages: 1/2

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