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FIX: Login problems

FIX: Login problems - Forums [Biker Match] FIX: Login problems - Forums [Biker Match]
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FIX: Login problems

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It's been reported a lot recently that some people cannot login, even after resetting their passwords.I've scratched my head a lot and have struggled to find the root cause. The only thing I could find is that some people may have some odd special characters in their passwords which were being blocked for security reasons (old code).Anyhoooo..... I've rewritten the login page code. It's now much more secure and accepts all characters in passwords (maximum length 25 characters).Please let me know if any of you are still facing login troubles.

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Matt @ 04/10/2016 15:44  

Does anybody have a chainsaw blade sharpening tool..??I too have loggin' problems,seems to be quite common..:)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 21/01/2017 18:56  

I have 1 some where in my tool box jinx lol

   Update Reply
JP @ 22/01/2017 09:06  

I’m still having difficulty I get as far as the expiry date put any get past that, tho have managed to get my address in

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Littlekitty @ 06/10/2019 10:30  

Matt, when I try to log in the home page (with the map on) takes an age to load, then it jumps and starts reloading! It takes several digit bashings to get the log in page to load. Very frustrating! Once logged in the site seems to be running well.

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Sandi @ 06/10/2019 16:03  

I've kept logged in, it's the only way I can actually access the site without swearing! 🤬

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 17/10/2019 21:35  

Where'd he go?

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 22/10/2019 04:44  

Still got same problem Matt. 3 weeks now.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 27/10/2019 08:46  

Still not working properly.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 14/11/2019 19:15  


   Update Reply
Sandi @ 14/11/2019 21:52  

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