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Can't complete a post ?

Can't complete a post ? - Forums [Biker Match] Can't complete a post ? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Can't complete a post ?

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I had a problem just now....was on" silly games,etc."...tried to add a post on FIRST WORD,and it just came up with a white dialog box..."error ,please try again"....well ten tries later ,i switched to a different game then came back to FIRST WORD and tried again,in case it was me,but Nope...still the same...bummer...hope it's a minor glitch..:(>

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jinx57 @ 29/09/2016 17:30  

Wierd indeed ...original post was "box"...still refusing ,so tried "boxes"...and it worked...?

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jinx57 @ 29/09/2016 17:34  

Well,i never knew that,thanks for the 'heads up',Catkins..(thought it was another of my 'senior moments')...:)>

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jinx57 @ 30/09/2016 14:40  

Sorry about that. I shall make the error clearer as it appears a few folks have tripped up here.

Indeed it must be 3 characters long to post. At the moment there's only 1 error message which isn't specific enough, just a generic error. I'll add in some error-handling after the weekend.

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Matt @ 01/10/2016 08:49  

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