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Larger cc cruisers

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Larger cc cruisers

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Hey ya'll.

What are peoples thoughts on larger CC cruisers? I currently ride a VN900cc which I love but am wondering should I head up in CC. I am thinking about some long distance riding soon.. Thoughts on a postcard lol :)

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thecruiser30 @ 16/09/2016 22:44  

will a higher CC make any diference to a long distance ride yours will do it just as well, Its just a gimmick to sell the bike. Why do Triumph think we need a 2.3 ltr bike they know we dont thats why its never really sold in high numbers.

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JP @ 17/09/2016 05:39  

Thanks man for your thoughts. Completely agree about the Triumph!

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thecruiser30 @ 17/09/2016 16:15  

however more cubes can mean a more relaxed ride as theres less effort for the same speed. loading the bike up can male a good argument for more cubes too.

its not all about horse power and speed, more about grunt and ease of ride.

im with you JP about 2.3 litres but if size didnt matter even a little we would all proberly be running c90 s.

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Deleted Member @ 18/09/2016 21:35  

My ex wife always had cruisers, including a VN800. Size isn't everything. She also rode a stripped down Goldwing 1200 and a Honda VT1100 and the lovely but rare Suzuki Madura 1200. By far the best bike, weight to power ratio was the Honda VT700. Not the gutless 600 but the American import 700. The specs are really good, what a fantastic bike. V twin, shaft drive, self adjusting tappets, hydraulic clutch, great smooth but gutsy engine. 6 gears too. Well worth a consideration, still coming up on eBay, with low mileages too

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Deleted Member @ 19/09/2016 06:34  

I think the Rocket 3 was aimed at the American market where cubic capacity still rules.

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Deleted Member @ 19/09/2016 08:43  

Yeah all valid points thanks peeps. Will be carrying a bit of stuff but I think I will do a trial and see how she copes with it all :)

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thecruiser30 @ 19/09/2016 22:09  

You could always go completely opposite direction and buy an older Triumph Tiger(885/955),they're cheap now ,bomb-proof most of the time,only issue may be saddle height,but lowering them (cheaply) isn't a problem..They will haul two people with mountains of luggage at daft speeds,Big fuel tank too (Five and a half Gallons) so long range.:)>

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jinx57 @ 20/09/2016 12:23  

Higher CC nothing to do with "gimicks" for those who do the miles it means less gear changing, easier cruising and no strain carrying all the gear. Getting a shaft drive also eases the maintenance and less crud at the back from a chain. Worthwhile also looking at cost of maintenance and what the service intervals are.

Best way is to get out and ride some bigger bikes and see how you like the handling, braking and what it can carry. There is loads to choose from and R3's not for everyone but some of us like the power and handling.....oh and have toured on them and done the miles to have an opinion

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madscots @ 20/09/2016 22:06  

Better to have too much than too little.

   Update Reply
Junction47 @ 21/09/2016 12:09  

To me it's the comfort of the ride rather than cc capacity

   Update Reply
Lynn1584 @ 29/09/2016 18:38  

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