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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Devon 2017

Devon 2017 - Forums [Biker Match] Devon 2017 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Devon 2017

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I know its early to start thinking about next year but it can be a real pain trying to find a site that will take high numbers of bikes hence the early posting. So if anybody is interested in a Devon camp 2017 let us know if numbers are there I will look at a block booking for a small farm type site on the North Devon coast. Prices are looking around the £9.00 to 15.00 per person per night depending on facilities and location
JP @ 21/08/2016 13:27  

Done Cornwall a few times but the only bit of Devon I have seen is the A30 so definitely interested.
Vladamir @ 21/08/2016 14:14  

Count me in,JP...need a good pint of scrumpy(or ten)...:)
jinx57 @ 21/08/2016 14:39  

Looking at a long week due to distaince for some members not got a month yet but we normaly look at may june time
JP @ 21/08/2016 16:59  

May /June ok with me.
Vladamir @ 21/08/2016 18:02  

Count me in
shelleygirl @ 21/08/2016 18:54  

Depending on the date I may be interested.
Triple955 @ 22/08/2016 14:08  

Yep I'm in... Depending on the date
Ian2690 @ 22/08/2016 23:07  

Im going to Devon this weekend and hoping to get to check out a few sites and get some prices for a group booking
JP @ 24/08/2016 18:19  

Yep definately interested as long as JP does not encourgage Cornish Sparrows to come near me !!!
Brummie Jackie @ 26/08/2016 09:49  

Cornish sparrows in Devon ?? What do you think they holiday in Devon
JP @ 26/08/2016 15:56  

They might .................. have you asked one ????
Brummie Jackie @ 26/08/2016 16:12  

So where do Birds Of Paradise come from....Hartlepool?
jinx57 @ 26/08/2016 19:16  

I could give the pink tent an airing.
VFR800AJ @ 27/08/2016 14:15  

Can i come as well ?
DAVE VM @ 27/08/2016 21:51  

The more the merrier chaps :)
Brummie Jackie @ 28/08/2016 10:51  

I'd be up for that.
Bluey1450 @ 30/08/2016 14:37  

You would be more than welcome mark
JP @ 30/08/2016 15:32  

Would be interested in this one count me in if I can get time off
Jaffa @ 09/09/2016 01:00  

Will you ready for the next Jp ride out by then Jaffa them moors have some very nice goat tracks lol

JP @ 10/09/2016 13:05  

 Posts: 57       Pages: 1/3

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