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Grasstrack Racing at Frittenden

Grasstrack Racing at Frittenden - Forums [Biker Match] Grasstrack Racing at Frittenden - Forums [Biker Match]
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Grasstrack Racing at Frittenden

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Grasstrack Racing at Frittenden in Kent,

Sunday 24th July.

Sunday 2nd October.

Admission to both meets is £13 + £2 for a prog.

Please put down your prefered date or both if you want?.

Meet at the Carwash Diner on the A21 at Hurst Green at 10.30-10.45. I will confirm that the diner has reopened after a refurb, if not it'll be 1066 Cafe a bit further down the A21 at John's Cross

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DAVE VM @ 26/06/2016 20:31  

Blooming Hell Dave

What's gone wrong here, both these dates I'm not working, but it's never plane sailing, I was thinking of doing the BSB's these weekends

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 28/06/2016 20:08  

Blimey man, don't do that to me, just as well i was sitting down when i read your post . You must've made a mistake Chris, i would recheck if i were you!!, you're always working when an event crops up .

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 29/06/2016 01:22  

I'm up for both dates.
Who else is coming?

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 06/07/2016 21:52  

Chris I've PMed you

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 18/07/2016 17:12  

Looking forward to this tomorrow. If anyone else to come along a say hi, we are meeting for breakfast at the Carwash Dinner, Hurst Green on the A21 at 10-30 before heading to the racing.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 23/07/2016 14:33  

I am up for this.
I can meet you at the layby with Carol, if I new where is was.
If not I will see you at the diner.

   Update Reply
davidneale @ 23/07/2016 20:39  

It's the first lay by on the A21 heading south from the M25 at 9-45 if anyone else would like to meet us there feel feel to join us.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 23/07/2016 21:12  

Great day, great racing.. it was good to meet Mr Christian for the first time, you should have stayed for the racing mate.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 24/07/2016 19:09  

Home now and had a brilliant day. Thanks to all :-)

   Update Reply
davidneale @ 24/07/2016 19:11  

As Chris says it was good to meet Mr Christian, hopefully you'll join in with us again sometime?.

As ever it was a good day out in good company.

There is another meeting at Frittenden on Sunday 18th September as well as the meeting already mentioned on Sunday 2nd October.

Same as today, meet at The A21 Diner (had a name change from Carwash Diner !) at 10.30-11.00.
Come along and join us.

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 24/07/2016 20:17  

A Huge Bump!

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 01/08/2016 17:46  

I'll will enjoy your company in October Mr VM but in September one will be in employment that day.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 01/08/2016 18:02  

That will be absolutely splendid that one will be joining us on October 2nd to attend the occasion of The Frittenden Flyer Grasstrack Meeting Mr Ragnar.
It is however unfortunate that one is unable to attend the Grasstrack Meeting on September 18th at Dig Dog Lane, Frittenden.

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 01/08/2016 22:44  

Grasstrack Racing at Frittenden, Kent.

There are two further meetings this year the first on Sunday 18th September. The second is on Sunday 2nd October.

Meet at the A21 Diner TN19 7QY (used to be Carwash Diner) at 10.30-10.45 for breakfast.

Entrance to the racing is £13 +£2 for a programme.

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 16/08/2016 18:11  


   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 24/08/2016 18:28  


   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 04/09/2016 19:52  

This coming Sunday the 18th, Grasstrack Racing at Dig Dog Lane, Frittenden in Kent TN17 2AX.

Meeting at the A21 Diner TN19 7QY at 10.30-11.00 for breakfast and a natter if you would like to come along, then onto the circuit for the start of the racing at 1PM.

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 12/09/2016 12:55  

See you at the diner.

   Update Reply
davidneale @ 15/09/2016 20:04  

It's the last Grasstrack meeting of the year at Frittenden this Sunday the 2nd October.
Meet at The A21 Diner at 10.30-11.00.
The racing starts at 12.30.

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 30/09/2016 04:19  

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