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As I Mature

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As I Mature

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You, me and millions of others, LC

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Wills @ 06/11/2007 15:14  

Good as i sit here so sad, im glad its not just me, but why oh why dont we learn from our mistakes. I have a 17 year old daughter and a 20 year old son and sometimes i wish they were my parents not me being their mum

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lcotgrave @ 06/11/2007 16:11  

jus keep puttin one foot in front of the other, an one day it will all be over!!

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tangoman60 @ 06/11/2007 16:54  

Right bundle of fun, aren't you??? LC it's easy for me to say cheer up, but I will anyway: CHEER UP, HUN!!

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Wills @ 06/11/2007 17:27  

jus lookin on the bright side!!

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tangoman60 @ 06/11/2007 18:05  

I've learnt you get more keys & loads of plastic bloody cards

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oggy @ 07/11/2007 00:50  

I realise I have lived my life the wrong way round but thankful I did as I am having the time of my life now and wouldn't change anything.

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Cruiser gal @ 07/11/2007 04:16  

 Posts: 27       Pages: 2/2

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