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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

The Big 0 Birthday Bash - 23 to 25 Sept 2016

The Big 0 Birthday Bash - 23 to 25 Sept 2016 - Forums [Biker Match] The Big 0 Birthday Bash - 23 to 25 Sept 2016 - Forums [Biker Match]
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The Big 0 Birthday Bash - 23 to 25 Sept 2016

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ALL WELCOMEOk folks its settled the Big Birthday Bash to celebrate beginning to lie about our age is the weekend of 23 - 25 Sept 2016 at Lower Lode InnForthampton(Nr Tewkesbury)GloucestershireGL19 4REFree camping and disco on both nights, 2 pints to the first person who gets Rag dancing !!!!!More details to follow

Brummie Jackie @ 21/03/2016 21:04  

im in
stutts @ 21/03/2016 21:35  

nice one :)
Brummie Jackie @ 21/03/2016 21:39  

on events

Brummie Jackie @ 21/03/2016 21:42  

Put your name down buddy
Ragnar @ 21/03/2016 21:48  

im on it .....wheres glouscestershire
stutts @ 21/03/2016 22:20  

Stutts its up and a wee bit over from you
Brummie Jackie @ 21/03/2016 22:23  

Don't tell him to much much Sis.
He will want a drink
Ragnar @ 21/03/2016 22:31  

Its Ok Bro ask JP I am geographically challenged :)
Brummie Jackie @ 21/03/2016 22:34  

Count me in
shelleygirl @ 22/03/2016 05:38  

Just a heads up DONT follow the signs or your satnav for Lower Load, You will end up on the wrong side of the river. Head for the A438 out of Tewkesbury towards Ledbury and we will put signage out from the 438 into Forthampton then along Bishop's walk to the site.
JP @ 22/03/2016 08:09  

Count me in
smiler2964 @ 22/03/2016 15:43  

Can't say for certain just yet but I hope to
Diesel Pete @ 22/03/2016 15:56

I have used this site a few time its a great location next to the river seven.
It serves great food and decent drink with friendly staff, Jackie has asked that we have sole use of the camping field next to the pub so not to far to walk, Jackie has also got use of the function room for the sat night and has the option for Fri night if there are significant numbers.
There are 24 hr toilets and showers in the pub.
(Out of pub hours via the rear door)
There is a ferry crossing from the pub over the river then a short walk into Tewkesbury town center.
Parking is good if people show a little bit of common sense. There is a dart board and pool table in the pub and if you like to whip your rod out and dangle it in the water your next to the river seven I dont know about the fishing permits but if anybody wants we can try and find out who you need to apply to for a day permit. Please remember this is a family site with public access so please DO NOT use the field as a toilet it is a very short walk to the pub toilets if you chose to use the field expect to be asked to leave the site as this is a Birthday party not a rally.
JP @ 23/03/2016 09:38  

JP I've very impressed that you can "whip your rod out and dangle it in the water".
Ragnar @ 23/03/2016 10:38  

Bro that would be a kodak moment if i ever saw one lol
Brummie Jackie @ 23/03/2016 11:08  

I have a few rods that I could whip out and dangle in the river but I cant carry them on my bike due to the length
JP @ 23/03/2016 14:03  

Dont forget to add yourselves folks :)

JP has already thought up a daft game to play !!!!

Brummie Jackie @ 24/03/2016 10:26  

naked twister out then
stutts @ 27/03/2016 21:58  

Stutts that game only for the Birthday boys and girls.
You could volunteer to be the photographer for the event
JP @ 28/03/2016 07:52  

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