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Fred Hill Ride

Fred Hill Ride - Forums [Biker Match] Fred Hill Ride - Forums [Biker Match]
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Fred Hill Ride

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Sunday, February 21, 2016 - Annual Fred Hill Ride to The Sun Inn, Norwood, leaving Squires @ 11am prompt Location: Squires Cafe Newthorpe Lane LS25 5LX Web: Ive been on this a few times, usually a small (perfectly formed!) rideout. Weather can vary greatly obviously (rain, snow, chilly, mild, bright and sunny in my experience) but its a nice ride up to The Sun Inn and an even better Sunday lunch when you get there! Anyone fancy blowing the cobwebs away?

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Lindsay @ 01/02/2016 12:55  

Ah Fred Hill. There's a man I take my hat off to.
This MAG page lists all the different area commemoration runs
I encourage anyone that can to join in and sorry to hijack your thread.

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Gloom @ 04/02/2016 19:48  

No worries Gloom ; )
Thanks for putting up the link!

Come on folks check out the link, you will (no doubt) be able to find a rideout in your area. Please Note: Dates vary from area to area, so plenty of choice of where and when!

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Lindsay @ 04/02/2016 21:15  

Do I take it everyone prefers to stay in bed, cosy n warm on a Sunday morning then? No one up for a bracing rideout followed by a sunday lunch and a possible ride around The Dales afterwards? Oh well more lunch for me n Stuie then ; )

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Lindsay @ 13/02/2016 18:22  

Hmmmm, a distinct lack of enthusiasm for a Sunday morning rideout ... PLEASE NOTE: (as above) THERE ARE COMMEMORATIVE FRED HILL RUNS HAPPENING AT VARIOUS TIMES/DATES IN DIFFERENT AREAS OF THE COUNTRY, its not just from Squires folks.

Come on, get yourselves up and out there, enjoy a rideout and meet people rather than sitting in the house behind a keyboard or mobile in hand. Life is much more fun if you grab every opportunity.

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Lindsay @ 19/02/2016 07:29  

when it gets abuv 70c itl b time to dust off the cobwebs
early finish for me
at home thawing out

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havfun @ 19/02/2016 13:01  

Gawd dammit, Stuie's rear tyre valve let go this evening, so unless there is a miracle I doubt we will be there for setting off. May be able to get to Sun Inn for lunch though, fingers crossed!

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Lindsay @ 20/02/2016 22:36  

Thats a shame GBNP you were looking forward to the rideout hope he gets it sorted

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JP @ 21/02/2016 07:36  

*sighs* not looking good spent 2.5hrs this morning looking for a 15mm tyre valve.

No motorcycle tyre centres open today either (whats that all about?)

The only place I thought we would defo get one (Speedstyle @ Squires) didnt even understand the question, again WTAA?!

Eventually dropped on a car tyre fitting place who offered up a 14mm one in the vain hope that would fit (hmmm gotta admit im not holding out too much hope!). They wouldnt even touch a bike tyre either but at least the valve was free. Lol

Stuie n Mick are trying it now...

The sun is out and im really fed up. Oh well, better luck next time eh?!!

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Lindsay @ 21/02/2016 12:51  

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