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Which Sat Nav for the bike?

Which Sat Nav for the bike? - Forums [Biker Match] Which Sat Nav for the bike? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Which Sat Nav for the bike?

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My cheapo (£100) generic chinese sat nav has done me proud for a few years the few times I've had to use it, but it does have limitations - not least of which is you can't load routes onto it.

So I'm now looking at the TomTom Rider 400 EU - anybody got one? What are the genuine alternatives?

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Deleted Member @ 10/01/2016 18:44  

A map.
A sat nav just takes you where you ask it. Best bet is just to explore, that's what bikes are best at.
Although when you get hopelessly lost some kind of gps is handy to prevent having to go native and live in a bush somewhere. I just use some freebie software on my phone for that.
OK, I concur that a satnav is handy if your trying to find someplace with the minimum of fuss.

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Steve_H @ 10/01/2016 19:14  

I wouldn't be without my satnav if I'm travelling solo and trying to find an address within a strange city or town.

Otherwise it's map time. Most discount bookshops will do an up to date road atlas for about £1.99, and then you can cut it up and shove the sheets in the top of your tankbag. Or buy a cheap laminator and make up a whole series of map cards you can tape to the top of the tank.

Having said all of that, I wouldn't dream of setting off on a long European road trip without one, again especially if solo.

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Wills @ 10/01/2016 21:42  

My preference is to navigate by a list of directions which I create and have on my tankbag, but that's sod all use after dark on unlit roads, and for longer runs that would involve several sheets, or are abroad where road signs are maybe not so great, then a Sat Nav always saves the day.

So back to the original post - which Sat Nav?

What's yours Wills?

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Deleted Member @ 11/01/2016 14:27  

I've never had a TomTom Rider but 3 normal TomToms and finally at the beginning of last year I'd had enough for the last TomTom not getting a signal. (this happened regular) so I went out a bought a Garmin Zumo which I'm very happy with.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 11/01/2016 19:05  

MrMike it's a bog-standard Garmin plus a waterproof case. As and when I get round to the European road trip (got friends in Transylvania on the visiting list) I'll upgrade to something with full European mapping and possibly optimised for bike use.

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Wills @ 12/01/2016 00:01  

Had a couple of garmin zumo

Zumo allows you to make up routes on PC and download them to sat nav which most if not all other sat abs don't do.

Never tell them to do the shortest route . If you do you'll probably only do it once.

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 12/01/2016 12:34  

I just follow the road and make random turns those that were in Cornwall last year seemed to enjoy the last couple of lanes I took then down.

   Update Reply
JP @ 12/01/2016 20:50  

I don't remember the word "enjoyable" being one of the words that jaffa was shouting out you when he got back.

And i think your using the words "couple of lanes" fairly loosely.

i think footpaths would describe them better

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 13/01/2016 17:57  

Would you find the tracks on a sat nav ?
Would you want to find them ????
Well I enjoyed them and I didnt get slapped from the rear seat so bonus lol

   Update Reply
JP @ 13/01/2016 18:44  

Garmin zumo for me set to shortest time but then I do my own thing and let it keep updating its self.

   Update Reply
bugsbunny @ 14/01/2016 18:18  

Cheers everyone, after reading loads of reviews I've gone for a Garmin Zumo

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Deleted Member @ 14/01/2016 18:19  

Well I have the Tom Tom rider which has the "Tyre" rout plan software which you can share however apart from all that it has a "twisted" button as a route option and just does twisty much fun. I love it for treasure hunt rallies against the clock.
However it's a personal choice. Never had much luck with Garmin.??

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 16/01/2016 06:23  

phone with a Bluetooth on helmet dose me
or i stop and ask lol lol lol

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 26/03/2016 16:37  

You wont regret the Garmin, especially as you can play mp3's with it as well.

See if you can find a copy of their old Mapsource software as its easier to use than Basecamp

   Update Reply
Diesel Pete @ 29/03/2016 14:56  

I think its best to keep your eyes on the road instead of a GPS. So opt for Bluetooth Headset "Scala Rider" on helmet and have GPS Software for Android Phone for about £30 "Copilot GPS" (that works without phone signal). I quite often just have it in my pocket and find following the voice commands enough to get me where I want to go.

One advantage not having to carry or charge two devices (Phone and GPS) and you only use one bluetooth channel to connect your phone and your GPS to the helmet. This leaves another channel free to connect and talk to other riders when riding together.

In case you are wondering, I dont use my phone whilst riding, apart from listening to podcasts or music. With the phone acting as GPS, it tends to pause my podcasts when instructions are given by GPS which I also find very useful.

I do however need a better solution for the charging cable as the waterproof case I currently use has no entry point for the cable and I nearly ruined the phone last week when caught out in a shower.

   Update Reply
Tnash @ 06/04/2016 21:32  

Tnash, havea look at they have waterproof phone cases with cable ports.

Haven't tried them myself as I use a garmin hard wired to an autocom but a mate has one and he rates it

   Update Reply
Diesel Pete @ 07/04/2016 14:31  

I was trying to get to Goole the other day and wrote out direction. Didn't help when I took wrong road out of Tickhill and ended up in Doncaster...

Must get another one of those "All Britain" road maps.

At least the Garmin in my pocket was useful to find a way, on foot, to a petrol station when I ran out of fuel though...

   Update Reply
Morseman @ 11/04/2016 14:42  

@Diesel Pete
"See if you can find a copy of their old Mapsource software as its easier to use than Basecamp"

I struggled with Basecamp and looked for fixes to download Google Map routes to my Zumo but I also came across Harley-Davidson Ride Planners which I'm practicing with. Anyone else used this?

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 24/04/2016 21:57  

I've just switched from an iPhone with copilot to a Garmin zumo, went for the595 to make sure I had all the features I needed. Twisty roads is great as is round trip thng which will calculate a trip based on time or mileage. Mp3 player built in and remote controls my Garmin cam... Not the cheapest route but looking like a good purchase so far

   Update Reply
Manic636 @ 05/05/2016 20:06  

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