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Which Sat Nav for the bike?

Which Sat Nav for the bike? (3) - Forums [Biker Match] Which Sat Nav for the bike? (3) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Which Sat Nav for the bike?

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Conflicting info here guys, can ya or can't ya ? lol.

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Murdoch3352 @ 03/11/2016 20:29  

Phone in a £10 waterproof case and waterproof boat 12v socket.
You can't beat a paper map to get the feel of the country side.
However the all singing and dancing motorcycle sat navs definitely have their place.

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dustin666 @ 18/11/2016 20:11  

Dustin, agreed, they all have their merits and always good to familiarise with a map even when using a sat nav, be it a phone app or dedicated. There are issues with the way the different devices obtain their data so good to have the options available. Bike already has 12v socket fitted all be it a DIN spec. Looking like I'll pick up a Tomtom with the help of me Christmas bonus.

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Murdoch3352 @ 22/11/2016 20:27  

Have purchased Tom Tom Rider with Great Rides (100) to go on you can add your own rides too. I find it very good...I can explore and when I finish its there if I want to get back on track yes I would recommend this..and its waterproof lol

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Babyvara @ 24/12/2016 19:44  

TOMTOM Rider, that's the one I,ll be looking at then, thanks for the info.

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Deleted Member @ 25/12/2016 11:47  

I tried the Bonnie Tyler one but it kept telling me to turn around, then it fell apart.

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stevecv8 @ 26/12/2016 12:08  

Your nickname Bright Eyes then Steve ?.

Well after eventually sorting out a suitable mounting option the Tomtom is in use and I can say I'm quite impressed so far. Just need to get out into unfamiliar teritory to put it through its paces.

   Update Reply
Murdoch3352 @ 26/12/2016 16:53  

 Posts: 47       Pages: 3/3

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