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Echo in chat

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Echo in chat

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I think you are right Stuie, 'tis impossible to have a conversation like that .... alas there is no easy solution to it if the person (who has been asked many times) will not fix it themselves...

ElizaDee @ 20/05/2016 22:28  

True Lulu. Dont do chat that often myself now.

Makes the site look like it isn't popular. So many used to use it, but now hardly anyone.

It's is frustrating and confusing for folks.

rowanblossom @ 20/05/2016 23:23  

On other sites or chat rooms I have used in the past if there has been an issue like this the individual after being requested to basically pack it in has been blocked from using the feature.

This fixes the issue.

It can't be states that it's unfair as if they genuinely can't use chat with out this happening then they can't use it any way, and if they are attention seeking or chat room blocking in purpose then they shouldn't be there.

This feature has been desomated basically by one individual.
Stuie. @ 20/05/2016 23:54  

There you go she is at it again!
Stuie. @ 26/05/2016 23:19  

I've made a change on the server that deletes any NEW message which has been posted by the SAME MEMBER within the past THREE DAYS.

So, if you see the issue still happening after today please let me know

Matt @ 27/06/2016 15:24  

Cheers boss man :-)
rowanblossom @ 27/06/2016 18:40  

 Posts: 26       Pages: 2/2

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