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Echo in chat

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Echo in chat

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Matt Is there a solution to the echo/repeating lines in chat? Is it a website thing or is it something bmers need to do/stop doing? Ta RB

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rowanblossom @ 23/12/2015 21:56  

I think its defo summat to do with what peeps are doing, rather than a problem with the site. Its the same few individuals that it occurs with.

I have on occasion left a window open on my fone when leaving chat and upon re-entering, my last comment has been resent. Dont know if thats the answer, but i now make sure i have closed all windows as i leave the site.

Chat seems to have died a death, only very recently (over the crimbo hols) has it picked up a little. I would imagine the fact that several messages appearing time n time again would and is a little off putting for those who may possibly consider using chat. Perhaps im wrong, only my opinion peeps.

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Lindsay @ 27/12/2015 19:53  

Nope GNBP, you're spot on - at least in my humble opinion.

What say we meet up for a chat laters? - I've missed our old lunchtimes.

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izzyhill @ 28/12/2015 15:43  

I don't know about the open windows on phones thing as my own phone is a dinosaur and only phones and texts ....imagine that!!!

But, I do know that due to the constant echoes of sentences from what seems to be the same sources, that I've stopped using chat, as it's confusing and a waste of time not knowing if anyone is in or not......and, by not using chat, I'm not coming onto, and using, the site as much.

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Deleted Member @ 28/12/2015 15:53  

What a good idea Izz-ster, name a day n a time, ya neva know might even get PB n RB in there if ya lucky, as well as some other peeps!

Seems that a lot of peeps are (sadly) doing the same PB ... Oh for the days of yore ....

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Lindsay @ 28/12/2015 16:56  

Sorry, Matt went slightly off track on this thread (oops) any ideas/solution to the query raised by RowanBlossom?

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Lindsay @ 30/12/2015 08:56  

I've no idea what's causing it, but i can assure you it isn't the server.

I can fix it though by telling the server to delete any message from any member if their last message was identical. I'll get onto it.

Additionally.... I'm planning to make a new chatroom, whereby everyone is automatically logged in. So the chat will just run alongside everyone's window and anyone can chip-in whenever they want to.

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Matt @ 31/12/2015 15:06  

oooh, get you, dead swish eh?!

I cant wait for 'normality' (I use the terms very loosely of course :)!) in chat, instead of insane repeating.

We might actually get people returning to the room complete with Mr Puddy Tat (who seems to have disappeared) and of course KayCat's 'ToyBox'... YIPPEE!

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Lindsay @ 31/12/2015 16:51  

sounds like youv got that other box of tricks from paul danials for xmass

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havfun @ 31/12/2015 16:54  

Thanks Matt, that sounds a good way to sort it!

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Deleted Member @ 02/01/2016 10:36  

It would be nice to see chat scrolling live without having to refresh the main site, but it's not rocket science to enter and chip-in if you want, but I like to know who's actually in chat.

Not sure how that could be got around - if you stopped the auto-logout when inactive at least you could see who was theoretically around or lurking.

IMHO, the problem is folk who never log out.
Perhaps I should be brave enough to politely ask them to bugger off, err I mean to log out properly?

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izzyhill @ 05/01/2016 12:54  

Matt any update?

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rowanblossom @ 23/01/2016 18:03  

Guess you are still working on this one Matt?

Repeating is still occuring...

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Lindsay @ 22/02/2016 21:03  

I don't think it is a site problem GBNP, more of a device error.

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double six @ 24/02/2016 23:39  

Either that or the operator; i know i had an issue (as outlined above) and resolved it by ensuring that i closed all windows on phone as i left site. That way when i came back in there is no chance of resending the same message. It worked a treat, all i have to do now is stop my fat fingers hitting the wrong buttons! Lol

Anyhoo; I was hoping that Matt was near to completing work on his 'fix' above; 'by telling the server to delete any message from any member if their last message was identical'

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 25/02/2016 07:38  

Looks like the echo has been fixed, (well I haven't seen it occurring for couple days now in chat anyway!) thank you Matt

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Deleted Member @ 15/03/2016 09:48  

Hmmm, spoke too soon, its back.... same person so its gotta be something they are doing... ah well never mind x

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Deleted Member @ 18/03/2016 19:16  

Strange 'echo' when the 2nd line pops up hours later

And only happens to the one person!

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old red @ 18/03/2016 22:34  

True, Old Red, tonight I saw a line repeated from 48 hours ago from same person!!!! I had to look twice to make sure I was really seeing it! Must be summat they are doing or their phone/pc is doing it....

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Deleted Member @ 18/03/2016 22:44  

Attention seeking maybe?

I have stopped using chat as it makes it hard to use if this abuse is happening

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 14/05/2016 00:22  

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