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Save matlock bath ride 2016

Save matlock bath ride 2016 - Forums [Biker Match] Save matlock bath ride 2016 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Save matlock bath ride 2016

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Its a bit of a protest about the council trying to get the bikes moving on weekends.

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bugsbunny @ 08/12/2015 21:04  

hope the council will pay for the lost revenue to the shops

   Update Reply
havfun @ 08/12/2015 21:10  

I can see it's in 2016.And i'm guessin in or close to matlock Bath. Can you nail it down a bit for the viewers.

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 08/12/2015 21:41

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bugsbunny @ 08/12/2015 22:02  

There is already a 1 hour parking limit in matlock and has been for years. This so called curfew on bikes is just not real all it is over the proposed parking charges for bikes. It's really simultaneously to stop it . Don't go there all the traders will complain the council will back down. Matlock is ok now and then but it's over priced food and drink but a few seem to think matlock is the end of the biking world.

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JP @ 08/12/2015 22:14  

I'd be up for that if I'm not working.

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VFR800AJ @ 09/12/2015 11:47  

I've been going to Matlock Bath for a while now and although it can be expensive I don't find it any more pricey than any of the coastal resorts I go to

I must admit I'm a Matlock Bath fan, it's got an inland seaside vibe about it and the countryside and roads around it are absolutely fabulous.

Parking is already such a pain (although I have to say some of the Wardens are really helpful and don't mind saying if you move your bike [as he approaches] to the other end of the street, [where he has already been] you will be OK for another hour or so!).

Fingers crossed I will be there

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 09/12/2015 14:20  

Matlock is by no means my favourite place to go. There are much much better places to spend a sunday .

The council are doing nothing but upholding the law. If a bunch of cars turned up and blocked all the spaces by the chippies you'd all be crying to the wardens. If they took away the time limit there would be chaos.

The council do what they are elected to do by residents. i doubt a couple of chippies and an ice cream parlour moaning will make any difference. If you want the seaside then go to the seaside. Another group of tourists will just fill the void.

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 09/12/2015 23:34  

Different strokes for different folks bluesbiker, each to their own and all that ;)

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 10/12/2015 07:03  

it has been said on facebook that the max stay will be 20 mins. However some one has read that wrong in fact cars will be charged 50p. per 20 mins max stay 2 hrs
In a statement in The Derbyshire Times made by the cabinet minister who has made the proposals he says bikes will be charged 50p. per hour with a max stay of 2 hrs.
At the moment parking is free with a max stay of 1hr.

   Update Reply
Vladamir @ 10/12/2015 18:58  

I shall be attending.

   Update Reply
Flat-Rabbit @ 10/12/2015 20:02  

After reading all the posts on Facebook and all the bikers that are going on the day I am starting to think you are playing right into the councils hands. All this will do is bring traffic to a standstill all around Matlock and with the press there and all the Look at me I can rev the nuts off my bike and do burn outs on TV you will be sealing its fate for good. If you want the council to sit up and think just move on don't go there, Hit the traders let them complain to the council let the council pay traffic wardens to walk down empty roads. councils are run by Accountants if it is not financially viable they will stop doing it. If you are so pissed off with the way bikers are treated get all road users on your side hit London on mass about the state of the roads all over the UK not just on a Sunday every day there are enough riders drivers cyclist in the UK who are out of work or work shifts to do it for weeks. I'm sick of hearing so called bikers complaining about the police victimizing bikers, You bring it on yourself. A biker says Ive been pulled for a small number plate. Real story my number plate is 7" x 2" and tucked right under the seat by the shock so a speed cam cant see it. A biker says, Ive been pulled for my exhaust real story I was riding like a twat and attracted the traffic cars attention Its got NOT FOR ROAD USE STAMPED ON IT Its a race system to make the bike go faster that's why they don't bother with Harley's with straight though pipes. A biker says Ive been done for 33mph in a 30 zone Real story I was doing 95mph in a 50mph zone but he stopped me after I saw him and slowed down. If you want the police to leave you alone don't ride like a twat in an area that is known for speeding, There are plenty of roads out in the sicks a lot better than the A6 for getting your knee down. You all bitch about the police but there the 1st ones you call when your bike gets robbed or some twat knocks you off. Love you all really and I Hope you all have a great Christmas and new year.

   Update Reply
JP @ 22/12/2015 07:57  

Unfortunately John we're preaching to the same bikers who for years were told to slow down on the "Cat & fiddle" or the police and council will slow you down with cameras.
Not the brightest of souls.

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 22/12/2015 10:40  

Thank you 'gentlemen'! First of all i dont ride, as you well know i am a pilly. Secondly, I dont complain about police 'victimising' bikers. Thirdly, wind your necks in; if you dont want to do this, quite simple, dont do it.

Point to Note: yes i like speed, yes ive been on the back of customised bikes for a number of years (with smaller plates, as well as race pipes etc) but no complaints here, if pulled then its a fair cop, its the risk you take.

Not everyone can be tarred with the same brush, otherwise it would be a very dull world!

Oh and btw, i object strongly to the inference of lacking intelligence, perhaps stoopid is as stoopid does!

Merry Christmas to you too.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 23/12/2015 02:01  

whynot insted of ride out and jaming the place up
boycot the place for two weekends in a row
give them a taste of what it will be like
if council gets it way

   Update Reply
havfun @ 23/12/2015 03:47  

As has been pointed out, bikes will be asked to pay 50p per hour for a max 2 hr stay - is that really so awful??

I wouldn't like to pay to park my bike, but then if you go to a very popular and busy destination, it's kind of inevitable, no?

The best bit I guess is how will they monitor the bike parking charges?? I suspect it'll cost them far more than they can raise in revenue, and if it's 'pay and display' you could inundate them with paperwork by reporting the ticket was stolen....if every bike did that it'd soon become pretty pointless for the council to pursue them.

Not knowing the area I'm not sure just how difficult the situation is - but I do very much agree with jp's point about needing to get the rest of the driving world ON our side, not against us, and blocking the place with bikes because we're moaning we don't want to pay parking while the car drivers have always had to pay, isn't likely to win many friends....

I doubt bikes staying away will genuinely impact the businesses enough to make much of a difference - like it or not, we're a minority.

So, if you are going, great, good on you, but do please be an ambassador for bikes. Recognise that bikes have been getting away without paying for parking while everyone else has had to pay, and consider that if paying 50p to park up while you have a chippy and a cuppa is too much, maybe it's not the destination for you, and take your business elsewhere - hell, it's not like you can't enjoy the roads there, just buy food and drink elsewhere.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 23/12/2015 09:34  

GBNP when did I imply you were stupid ?? as for the rest of the post I as you well know was was talking about the so called bikers who will sit there showing off doing burn outs popping whellies and reving the nuts off there bikes and riding like a total twat. Why do you think this was aimed at you ?

   Update Reply
JP @ 23/12/2015 10:53  

The only thing i said that could remotely look as its pointed at you is a vague reference to the seaside. its a long way from there to what you are suggesting we said.
so i suggest if anyone needs to "wind their neck in" It's you.

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 23/12/2015 17:31  

ooooo a punchup in the brewing
corners please

   Update Reply
havfun @ 23/12/2015 19:29  

At the end of the day we live in a capitalist society and
the system only works if there is continual growth and efficiency improvements.
Look at the mess the NHS is being forced into by our superior economic model. The
council can reduce its staff and increase its revenue at a stroke by this move.
Our national government will give them a well done pat on the back for this. They
know that all the bikers are not going to be united (as we can see on this thread)
so it’s most likely to happen whatever is contemplated or organised. Sorry to
say it’s the price we are going to have to pay to live in the so called free
world, enjoy!!!
PS see you all there sometime soon, have an extra 50p at the
ready. If you want to protest on the day repeatedly drive slowly up and down
stopping to unload and loadup your passenger but don’t park. If you don’t want
to protest go and park.

   Update Reply
bugsbunny @ 27/12/2015 17:04  

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