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Scottish socials November and/or December Xmas Lunch?

Scottish socials November and/or December Xmas Lunch? - Forums [Biker Match] Scottish socials November and/or December Xmas Lunch? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Scottish socials November and/or December Xmas Lunch?

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Been a while since we had a get-together and there are new members around so how about it?
A wee swally in a couple of weeks just for the heck of it and to arrange somewhere for a Christmas lunch to coincide with the Squires and Southern Softies ones on 13th December?

We had a good turn out in Glasgow (last year) but only a few out to Stirling (this summer) so is the west best or could you get to somewhere central like Cumbernauld this time?

A Friday or Saturday might be an obvious choice but we're not after the proverbial in a brewery, just a chance to meet and chat, and I know a few who can't make weekends so what day suits best? I'm thinking we try Wednesday 11th November, not too long or short notice and before places get in to full festive swing?

If you're interested and paid up, post your your comments. If not paid up send me a nod, I'll try messaging a few people anyway. Hopefully we'll fix up something, otherwise I'll make a start on my Xmas shopping.

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izzyhill @ 20/10/2015 13:54  

I work Mon to Fri on nights. Happy to go to Moffat.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 20/10/2015 17:25  

Wed 11th could be a possibility for an evening do if it's Edinburgh way

If it's a weekend, so long as it's not one of my kiddy weekends I'm certainly up for it

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Deleted Member @ 20/10/2015 20:28  

2nd Sunday 13th December is a Family Xmas dinner. Soz.
available for any other sat, sun .

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 21/10/2015 15:50  

I could do the 11th Nov if in Glasgow. Not sure about 13th December yet

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 21/10/2015 18:59  

Yay lindylou; your first post!
Welcome to BM, hope to see you soon.

I'll leave it over this weekend for more feedback and PM replies and we'll set a venue for a social and see about Christmas.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 21/10/2015 21:13  

I would find it a problem with a mid week meet as i work silly shifts .

A Saturday night or Sunday lunch would be possible though

Count me in

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 22/10/2015 03:21  

Sunday lunch and a ride out sounds kool

   Update Reply
dannyacer @ 23/10/2015 00:58  

Come on now Izzy. Bang a big turkey in the oven and we'll all crash on the floor for the night lol x

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 23/10/2015 00:59  

Aww, Danny's 1st post (this time around) didn't know he was missing BM that much xx

Dusty, how about the Buccleuch Arms in Moffat (credit Danny with that idea) or somewhere around Gretna or even (heaven forfend) across the border in Cumbria on Sunday 6th Dec???
There must be folk around the border preferring not to haul themselves to the smoke.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 23/10/2015 09:31  

The Buccleuch Hotel is a Biker Hotel . I've had dinner there before, very good.
Probably need to book soon fir an Xmas lunch. Places get v busy.
Our family lunch was booked at the end of September!

p.s. Three course Xmas dinner £25.00

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 23/10/2015 19:24  

I'll enquire about menus, prices and booking requirement - but that's a Border Reiver event - come in Central Scotland, more of you must be up for a swally than have posted or PM'ed me.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 23/10/2015 22:19  

If it's for a swally it'll need to be Glasgow, Falkirk or Edinburgh type of way so everyone can get a train/bus home after

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 24/10/2015 12:49  

Are we discussing two different things here?
1/ Xmas dinner.
2/ A night out in the pub.
I'm definitely interested in the first but the second would have to be a spectacular night out for a train or car plus hotel . What do you have in mind?

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 26/10/2015 10:12  

Yes, in fact three different things:

first up, a night out in the central belt BEFORE we get into festive swing

then what could be two Christmas lunches; 1) down in Moffat on 6th December as there ARE folk who want to do that, and 2) [maybe] on the 13th up here in the central belt IF there's any demand for that

Can't have enough events - just need the pennies to hold out!

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 26/10/2015 11:32  

Speaking as someone who paid off their mortgage last month.
I'm fekn rolling in it and game for out on offer lol.

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 26/10/2015 11:36  

Dinner's on Dusty then?

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 26/10/2015 12:10  

Not fekn likely. Lol

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 27/10/2015 03:29  

Not a lot of feedback but let’s give it a whirl and see who might turn up to a mid-week meet in Glasgow next week - Wednesday 11th.We’ll go for Wetherspoon’s Society Rooms on West George Street again as it’s a little quieter than others but still fairly central and caters for food and drink. Meet around 7pm? I'll put a calendar entry forward to the event team, full address etc there.<o:p></o:p>

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 02/11/2015 21:20  

Och i'm on early shift next week
Can't make it to Glasgow and back then get up at 3am for work .
You all have a brill time though and maybe i'll get to another night out on a weekend

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 03/11/2015 12:51  

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