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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Ride to the wall

Ride to the wall - Forums [Biker Match] Ride to the wall - Forums [Biker Match]
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Ride to the wall

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Just back great day out. This event is getting bigger each year its got to be one of the largest UK biker events now.

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bugsbunny @ 03/10/2015 19:08  

I did see you there but was in all that traffic coming in

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shelleygirl @ 03/10/2015 19:28  

The reason i stopped going was becouse of it becoming just an event in the calender that people attend just to get a big badge on their jackets and the kudos of been on the run to it. the run itself is pointless. i wonder how many would go if it where just the service. The arbouretum is by the way the only place that holds a service of rememberence every day of the year.
I served for 10 years in The RAF and remember in my own way.

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bluesbiker @ 04/10/2015 12:32  

Each to their own when it comes to remembrance. Ride to the wall is the biggest fundraising day by far for the arboretum which helps keep it a free entry site for all. If you want you can pay registration and stay at home. I'm happy to go and take in the respectful atmosphere the event creates.

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bugsbunny @ 04/10/2015 16:42  

Agree with Bugs, each to their own. As well as our families military connections, I also have a son serving in the RAF out in the Middle east just now. So RTTW means a lot to me anyway.
If 'big badge on their jackets ' is your thing, so be it.

we all have our own reasons is the bottom line.

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VFR800AJ @ 04/10/2015 21:19  

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