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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Friday 11th Dec - Fred Zepplin

Friday 11th Dec - Fred Zepplin - Forums [Biker Match] Friday 11th Dec - Fred Zepplin - Forums [Biker Match]
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Friday 11th Dec - Fred Zepplin

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Anyone for FRIDAY 11th December - FRED ZEPPELIN

This at the Inn on the Green - Acocks Green ? (Route 44)

I've never seen them but Led Zep music ? Can't be bad.

   Update Reply
VFR800AJ @ 28/09/2015 16:54  

Good band but I cant stand the front man hes a total knob lol

   Update Reply
JP @ 28/09/2015 17:14  

They were good 6 years ago although they only did the guitar stuff and none of John Paul Jones' synthesizer parts. And a Fred Zep gig was my first date with my last wife so it would be too painful....

   Update Reply
Eiron @ 28/09/2015 22:47  

Ohhh might be able to make this AJ as I don't have the kids that weekend. x

   Update Reply
jaxrocks @ 03/10/2015 14:30  

Not sure about this depends how early i have to be up the next day to travel down to annoy the Southerners :)

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 23/10/2015 13:29  

Well as Im in a sling for the next 6 weeks and cant driver or ride dont think I will be doing much in the way of meets or nights out. Have fun Im off to Devon to rest a few days

   Update Reply
JP @ 04/11/2015 11:53  

and now have just been informed its our works xmas night out this day !!!

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 04/11/2015 16:57  

why does "works night out" sound like you work down the jag?

shouldn't that be soiree?

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 04/11/2015 18:07  

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